Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Christmas was quite this year, but went well. I got the 23rd and 24th off which meant I actually got to spend some time with my Chris, and I was able to see his parents and give them their gift. I ended up spending Christmas eve with Chris and his youngest bother Robert. I really like Chris' family. His brother is an interesting guy, and I mean that in the best way possible. One thing that truly impressed me, beside his being math geeky enough to know what a Klein Bottle is(omg!!), was that he cooks. And I don't just mean he can make simple things, I mean he can do advanced cooking. I have a feeling he's a much much better cook than I am! His cooking vocabulary far exceeds mine, that's for sure.

As y'all may know, I made cookies and chocolate truffles for Chris' parents - I've been testing recipes for the past two months almost. Chris says his mom was thrilled that I used splenda so everything was diabetic friendly (and therefore safe for her to eat). She was exceptionally glad about the truffles is seems. :D

Yay me. Finally a good gift! I'm been awfully worried about whether or not my gifts would be well recieved this year, but I think they all have been. I mean, I was ever so worried Anne wouldn't like the cookies, but she does! Yay. Mom liked her gift too! She was ever so happy I made her ten dishclothes, and that I found the Elvis CD she loves but gave away, to share that joy. She's sweet like that, but hopefully she won't do it again! I made her copies of the 2 CDs in the set, and told her I could make her more anytime she needed, all she had to do was ask. That also made her very happy, so yay me again!

Chris also loved his gift (no surprise really, I love his gift too, and so does Neda for that matter, ha). I took lots of pictures, just cause, well, I love him, the Nautiliod that is. Though I love my man too. Very very much.

Wrapped Nautiliod
Nautie all wrapped up

Nautie's tenticled face
Nautie's face

Nautiliod with ruler
Nautiliod, with 12 inch ruler for scale

Not only is it cool, it is serving it's purpose very well. Yay me! Ha. I made Chris a Nautiliod draft snake thingy for his balcony door, he gets a wicked draft there. It's now in place and stoping the draft rather well.

Nautie at work

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Mother is the Most Independent Woman I know

About a month ago or so I told my mom(actually my grandmother, but she raised me so she's mom) I was thinking of buying Grandpa a snowblower for Christmas, this was before my unemployment ran out of course. I had figured I'd be able to save up enough for it and still have savings/Christmas/Korea money as, at that point I had about two grand saved. Then everything changed and there was no way for me to afford such a nice gift. *sigh*

Well, today mom, in her usual fashion says to Pa, "Why don't we go out today and get you a snowblower? I've got enough saved up for it, but I'd need you there to pick it out. Do we have enough room in the van to get it in? Is there enough room in your shed? You're getting older you know. And we are supposed to get more snow this winter than we have in 25 years. You'd have a lot of fun with it. I can just see you with it." Go mom. She had a good sales pitch, I tell you what.

I was stunned, and so was Pa! Ha. I'll think about it, he says. Yes you think about it, she said. But I know her, she's made her decision, and she wants to do it today. Well, it's a good time to do it though, we are supposed to get 25-30cm over the weekend!

The other thing is, she managed to save that money on her very fixed income AND had enough to give me some money too. Way more than I thought she would. She didn't have the money to get everyone Christmas gifts this year, what with the new bills she has, so I figured, maybe she would get me a nice pair of pjs. I know her, she's like me, I live here, there's no way she could not get me something. I cried I was so touched. I mean, she said it wasn't much, but to me it's the difference between being scared shitless about not having any money, like money for food and transit, and feeling like I can make it until I find a teller job in Toronto.

It still makes me cry because, she's so damn generous. Have I mentioned she's exactly the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up? She's my hero. Really. I never had a "Daddy" growing up, instead I got his mommy, and boys of boys did I luck out! She's been taking care of me since I was two months old, and she still is. Bless her.

On the jobbery front, I survived my 8.5 hour day, much easier than I thought. I think it was the shoes. Wore my brown hush puppies. They were wet with sweat about 4 hours in though. Ick. At least I wasn't smelling up the joint! Ha. Today I only have 4 hours, which is good, I have Christmasy things to do. Knitting and such. Still don't know what to do for Sabrina's kids. I really can't afford expensive gifts. Heck, I really can't afford gifts period.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Day, I wish it was my last...

My feet are sooooooooooooooooo sore! They've never been this sore in my entire life! Oh my fucking god. So, so, so, so, so sore. There really aren't words.

And I only worked a 4 hour shift! Friday I have to work eight and a half hours!! I'm not going to make it... I'm just not. I'm in so much pain, and that's only after four hours.

Seriously... I don't think I can do this. I just.. I can't. $32 for four hours? For THIS much pain? It's not fucking worth it. It's just.. it's not damnit.

I want to crawl in a whole and die now.

There were good parts to my day, I did make a few sales, two were over $100 dollars, one was $250-ish even. But I just don't fucking care. I don't even care that I'm starving. I hurt too much to care about anything.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

South Korea

Almost since I lost my job in January the plan has been to go to South Korea with Neda and teach English. This was her plan for when she graduated University that spring, only she was going to hold off until fall so she could spend her summer kayaking. It was everything I needed, a change, an escape, a challenge, something so totally out of my experience that I knew if I could do that, I could do anything. It would give me time to think about what it was that I really wanted to do - most contracts were a year after all. The experience would also give me the all important confidence in myself that so desperately lacked and wanted in that moment (and still do though no so desperately).

Summer soon passed, and then it was fall, we still hadn't gotten all our ducks in a row. Here it is December and we are still really no closer to being ready. In the meantime my Unemployment Insurance has run out, and I had to frantically search for some kind of work. Today is the first day of said new job. Retail. My first time. I'm a little nervous, though I think I will do fine. I'm pretty good with people and such I think, others keep telling me I am anyway!

But point: The more time that passes, the more I love my man, the more I realise I don't want to be away from him, and the more I look forward to not the journey, but the end result of the journey that was so enticing to me. It was in fact the end result that was most enticing to me. Being confident enough to think, no, to know I could do anything, and using that to find a good job. Find a job I could like, that would challenge me, in the GTA, downtown preferably, so I could move to Toronto, and start a life for myself. Hopefully with Christopher still wanting to see me, but even if he didn't I still wanted to work and move there. I rather like Toronto, or at least parts of it. The area Chris lives in is really nice, it's someplace I could see myself happily living in.

The more this mulled around in the back of my head, the more I looked forward to it, the more I wanted it. Never being the most patient person, I started feeling that I didn't want to wait a year for this to happen. Why did I have to wait a year really? Why couldn't I do this now? Click. Why couldn't I do this now??

Until very recently I wasn't sure if I could. Although I didn't get the job with Upper James Toyota that first interview taught me something very valuable: I could do it. I could do that job really well, I could do just about any job really well. I'm smart, a lot smarter than a lot of people actually. I'm personable, friendly, determined, and a damn good worker. I could be professional, I could be confident, or at least fake the hell out of it. It was actually possible. I could do this, now.

Another thing I've learned recently, very recently, was just how much my emotional health depends on being able to spend time with my man. When I got my work schedule for the first week, and I realised she had me working every other day, and that this would likely be a pattern, my brain melted, screamed at me, "no no no!". If even the though of spending a month away from him made me feel this way, albeit, a rather 'special' month, being Christmas and all, how was I going to feel spending a year away, possibly giving him up for forever? Could I do that? More, importantly, did I want to? Was it worth it? The answer was a resounding no.

I don't want it to seem like he was my reason for staying, at least not my only reason. I don't want him to feel responsible for it, and I don't want any doubt with anyone, that he was. I want no "blame" to ever some back to him for it. I love him, I really do, but if I felt going to South Korea was really something I needed to do, like I did a few months ago, I would go. I would miss him the way a fish would miss water, but I would go. Thing is, I finally figured out, it wasn't the going that drew me to the idea, it was what I wanted to get out of it. I really don't know if anything would do that for me though to be honest. I think, like with many things, I'm just going to have to fake and muddle my way through it...just like everyone else I suspect.

There was something else I wanted to say, but this entry is already wicked long, and it's almost time for me to leave for work.... So, for once, here is the very short version:

This past weekend, while Chris and I were taking a walk, he asked me if I would like, once I was settled with a job, and ready to move to Toronto, to look for a place with him. *beams* He was very sweet about it, I always thinke he is, when he's a little unsure. I almost had tears in my eyes I was so well pleased with his asking! I didn't think he liked having me around that much! Apparently he does. I said yes of course. It's something I thought of, but as a 'in the future' thing, once I'd moved to Toronto and all that. *grins* Such a practical man. He'd thought of that, wanted to skip over the living together but in two places bit. It's got me all fluttery and happy. He wants to keep me! No one's ever wanted to keep me before... Not that I've met many I've wanted to be kept by.. Ha. But yay. yay!

Yes, I'm happy, and now I have to get to work!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Is it worth it??

I went into Cotton Ginny today. Filled out some paperwork, bought some tops and a sweater for work. Spent just under $100 as I'd hoped. I start Tuesday of next week. So I do get to spend the weekend with my man. Which is good. Very needed... I likely won't get to do that again for quite awhile.

From what Lisa, my manager, told me I'd be working like every other day, Tues, Thurs, Sat.... My brain immediately said, "And I won't be able to see Chris until I've lost this job - AFTER Christmas. No! No! NOOOOOOOOOO!" I asked if there was any way I could have two days off in a row, during the week at some point, since there is no way I'm getting out of working weekends. She said she'd see what she could do. I hope I can at least get two days off in a row the week before Christmas. I really really would like to see my man. I figure I'll have to work boxing day, I'm sure there won't be any way to get out of that. *sigh* Which means I won't be able to celebrate Christmas with Chris and his family....

This of course, begs to question: how on earth am I going to get Chris' parent's Christmas gift to them?? Maybe Chris would be willing to come to Hamilton on the 23rd or something to have dinner with me, if I don't work until 9pm, and then he could take the cookies with him as he'll be seeing his parents for Christmas. If worst comes to worst I could always take GO transit to Oakville on some random day the week before Christmas and just drop them off...

I really need to find me a proper job so I can have weekends to myself. Or rather so I can spend weekends in Toronto. I think it might be time I started looking for work IN Toronto actually. That way, once I had a steady job, I could look for a place there. I'd like that. Be closer to my man. Not feel like my emotional and mental stability is being held ransom by some job.... Would be nice. And maybe, just maybe I could get that chair I've fallen in love with. ha.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Jobbery Part III

I had an interview this afternoon with the Sales Manager at Upper James Toyota. It went ok I guess. I think I was very... lack-lustre. I just can't tell if he liked me or not. I couldn't/can't get a sense for how he felt at all. He seemed impressed with the work I've done when I I answered his questions about it. He talked and talked to me about sales men and what makes a good one, and what makes sales go well or 'poopy' as he put it. I wasn't really sure why he was telling me everything he did, but I supposed it be damn helpful if I did get the job. When he asked if I had any questions, I really didn't. I couldn't think of anything. Somehow I don't think that looked good. I just felt like.. I wasn't connecting with him. I don't know. I did my best to listen with interest, and respond on the rare occasions it was warranted. The last thing I wanted to do was interrupt, that's just way rude.

At the end of the interview I told him I had a job offer from somewhere else, but I'd really like to know how things were going to pan out with Toyota before I made my decision. I asked what he thought the timeline would be for them to know. He said Ilya, the GM was off for the next few days, moving house, and wouldn't be back until Monday. He would talk to him Monday, and they would get back to me by Monday evening with whether or not they wanted to have me in for a second or third interview.

Just the way he put it when he was answering that question.. And telling me I had to look after myself. That he would fully understand if I took the other job, etc. I dunno. It just really left me with the feeling that he didn't have any intention of having me back in or recommending me to Ilya. *sigh* It just... it seemed like he didn't think I was right for the job. :(

I did get a call from Cotton Ginny, did I mention? While I was interviewing. Doh. I'm an idiot, yes I am. I was offered the job with CG though. I asked if I could get back to her. I didn't get home in time to call her back today though. She left at 4:30pm and I didn't get in until then. So I will have to try and track her down tomorrow. She should be working at Limeridge. I am gonna take the job. I can't not. I can't risk it.

We will see what happens with Toyota. I would love to work for them, I think it would be a great challenge. I think it would be something that would actually allow me to use my brain, very exciting. I think it would pay better too, and possibly be more permanent, also good. But.. I really don't know if they are actually interested. *Sigh* So if by some chance at some point they want to see me again, and want to hire me, then I'll just have to quit CG. Not the greatest way to handle it, but I really need the work right now...

On another note, I wonder if I'll be able to stay in Toronto until Monday morning... I'd like that.. More time with my man.. Yes, I really am that much of a suck.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


So yesterday I emailed my resume off to a few different employers applying for positions I'd found on the Canada Job Bank. As I mentioned below, heck it was the meat of my last entry really.

Last evening I got a call back from Upper James Toyota regarding the position I'd applied for. Within like three hours of submitting it. Wow. He told me the position had changed a little bit, and talked to me about what the position would entail, briefly. He asked me about myself and why I'd applied (I really do need to get better at answering that one!). Then he asked when I could come in to have a talk with him. He suggested tomorrow (double wow), and I suggested 1pm (I figured not too early, not too late).

I ended up being about 20 minutes early, as I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there and it's always better to be early than late. Luckily he was available to see me right away. That was good. Sitting in their waiting area for twenty minutes might have been the death of me. Waiting always makes that kinda thing worse.

I think the interview went pretty well overall. He (the general manager) told me more about what the position would entail and what kind of expectations/goals he had for it. BDC is what I think he called id - Business Development Centre. He wants to create one, and for someone to be the hub. Makes sense. Sounds like and exciting challenge to me.

I did my best to be confident, calm, friendly and professional. Game face all the way. It was easier than I thought it'd be. I sure hope I came off well. I think I did. In any case, I feel I did my best, and that's all I could expect or hope for. So yay me. lol.

Over the next few days he's going to get at least three of his managers to give me a call. He wants their impressions of me, in terms of phone presence and likely generally if they feel I'd be good for the job. They'll be calling anywhere from 9am or 10am (somehow I've forgotten which he said! doh) to 6pm Friday, Saturday and/or Monday. On my cell. So game face on.

GAH. Little worried about that. I'm not too sure what my phone presence is like. Neither is he obviously. Hopefully it's not horrid. I will just have to remember to put my game face on whenever I answer my phone. I wonder if it's a good sign he wants me to talk to them, or if it's a matter of course, or a bad sign?? I think I will endeavor to believe it's just a matter of course. However it goes, I totally need to stay cool.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My plan for today was to canvass local retail places and give out my resume, hoping to find something seasonal/part-time. That ended up falling through, and to be honest I'm not upset/worried about it. You see, it's pouring down rain today, has been all day in fact, and will into the night and tomorrow by the looks of it. I'm sick with a cold, so going out in that isn't something I'm looking forward to.

The official reason for the delay however is that I asked Neda to print off my resume for me, as she has a laser printer and I do not. She had technically difficulties and just didn't have time to resolve them before she had to leave for work today. So no resumes. I'll call her this evening; I'm sure we can work it out. I should be all ready to canvas tomorrow, despite the bad weather (and my general foreboding).

Not wanting to do nothing on the job front today I searched the Canada Job Bank for potenial employment. I've applied for ten jobs this morning - online via email. Administrative Assistant and call centre type jobs. Wrote cover letter/emails for them all too, that was the harder/more time consuming part. I did the same thing yesterday, late last night actually, on, only found about 8, and applied online for them. Since it was late and I was tired/lazy I didn't bother with cover letters. Perhaps that was a mistake, but most were call centre gigs and somehow I doubt if they overly care.

I feel I've made a pretty good day's effort. So now I'm going to watch Ep 4 of Bionic Woman ( just love this show!!) and knit(I'm finally working on the collar/trim of Mr. Greenjeans!). I'm also going to try to nurse my cold, of course. I wish I wasn't so sick all the time, it's really getting annoying! More importantly it's really starting to wearing me down damnit.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today I tested out two cookie recipes for possible inclusion in a Christmas gift for my man's parents. His mom is borderline diabetic, so I choose recipes from Splenda that say they are diabetic friendly. I also went with a healthy margarine instead of butter in an attempt to make them more healthy.

Orange Almond Icebox Cookies and Spicey Gingersnaps

I think I like both these cookies quite well. The Spicy Gingersnaps are my hands down favourite. They are crunchy and tasty and fab. The Orange Almond Icebox Cookies are pretty good, but they are mostly 'butter' so they are quite crumbly. I think when I do them again I will make them bite size so they won't be so messy.

With these I plan on making a dark chocolate truffle. I'm still debating whether or not to add anything to it. The recipe calls for orange zest but I personally hate orange with chocolate, I think it ruins it, so I don't want to do that. I was contemplating adding hazelnuts and/or hazelnut oil (if I could find such a thing). But personally, when I want chocolate, I just want chocolate, without any bells or whistles. So I might make them plain. Just have to find a lovely dark chocolate with no sugar added.

I'm thinking I should have at least four things in the tin so I am going to try recipes for Macadamia Snickerdoodles and Lemon Coconut Shortbreads, also from Splenda. I figure I will pick the best four.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lovely Day for a Hike

Since it was such a lovely day today Neda and I went for a little hike. We went to the same place as we did last time since it was so nice. This time I remembered my camera!

Some parts of Ancaster really are truly lovely. I just can't get over how gorgeous everything looks with the golden yellow and red leaf bed. It's exactly the kind of place I'd want to have pictures taken for my wedding. Though admitedly getting there in a wedding dress might be a little more that challenging. ha. But I never wanted a traditional wedding dress anyway.

Enough about a wedding that's never going to happen, here are some pictures of our hike.

My favourite picture of my favourite hill. (Can you see how this would be a great place for Wedding pictures?)
My Favourite Hill

The creek that ran through the forest valley.
A River Runs Through It

Neda's favourite View.
Forest & Path

Neda herself. (Isn't that just a wonderful backdrop for wedding pictures?)
Candid-esque Neda Shot

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Funny How Things Work Out

For my 16th birthday my dad gave me two $100 Canada Savings Bonds that would mature on November 1, 2007. At the time I was pissed. My father was, and still is frankly, notorious for either not remembering me on occasions like my birthday or Christmas, or just giving really badly thought out gifts, or gifts with no thought whatsoever. At 16 I would have much rather had $200 in my hand. Hell, I would have rather had $50 in my hand so I could buy myself something I wanted, a couple cds, a pair of jeans, something. Instead I got $200 that would come to maturity 12 years hense, with a little interest. Nothing of any use to me at the time.

My mind boggled. What was I going to need with $200 when I was... 28?! I couldn't imagine needing it. I mean, sure money is always nice, but I just couldn't see myself being in a place where I would need it. Or even just appreciate it the same way as my no imcome 16 year old self could. It seemed a gift that would be of no use to me whatsoever.

Well, here is it, November of 2007, and I get a letter from the Bank of Canada telling me my bond is fully matured. Never in my life have I been happier at the prospect of $200 coming my way!! This means I might actually be able to afford some kind of Chrismas gifts for my parents!! Yay!

You see, I've been unemployed for almost a year, and living on UI. The idea has been for some time that Neda and I would go to South Korea to teach English at the end of the summer. When that was decided I thought, what kind of job would I be able to get for such a little time? Nothing that would pay as well as UI would, so I opted to take a nice long vacation.

Neda and I have been our usual procrastinating selves - we are still here, and only slightly closer to going to Korea. I thought I had UI until the end of next January, so there was no rush. That is what the documents they sent me appeared to say. That was a terrible misconception. Today they sent me a letter telling me my benefits were exhausted as of November 3rd. It actually took me a few minutes to comprehend what it was saying. When I did...Oh my fucking gods! I haven't been so shocked since my bosses sat me down and fired me! But then, I knew this was coming eventually, so it wasn't half so bad. I certainly didn't expect to get that NOW however! GAH.

Thank the gods I have some little money saved up!! Hopefully enough to get me through the next couple of months. I'm really not sure though, and that's making me crazy. I hate not having money. I hate worrying about money - it tears me up inside - I literally get sick with worry.

Neda said they are looking for someone at the bra store. I would have to either work shift with Neda or take the bus, which I have a feeling would be one long ass ride. It could work though. And I do think they would hire me, if only because Neda and Angie love me, and, well, I'm smart and friendly, what more could they want? Though the fact that I'm leaving when Neda is would be a downside that's for sure. It's still an option.... one I just might need... gah.

I just can't get over how wrong I was! I didn't know at 16 where I would be at 28, but somehow I expected myself to be in a very different place in life. I thought I would be working, living on my own in some little apparment somewhere. Oh well, what can you do? Things could be worse. Things could be much much worse. I never though I'd be loved. I never though I'd find a man that could love me, at least not one whose love I could return, and I have that. All the riches in the world are nothing to that.

But I sure as fuck am glad my dad got me these 'dumbass' savings bonds way back when!! It's funny how things work out.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Knit Obsessed.

Why is it so hard to find something when you know just what you want?! Doh. I guess that's the trouble, I know exactly what I want... Makes it near impossible to find.... I need a DK weight yarn, with a tension of 22 sts/4 inches on 3.75mm needles, that knits to 24 sts/4 inches, in a rich olive green, preferably in a superwash merino.

You see, I knit one of my favourite little ladies this hoodie awhile back. She's teeny tiny so I actally had to totally rework a pattern - it was the hardest thing I've ever done knitting-wise. I used Mariah from, only I converted it to a v-neck hoodie. It took me over a year to finish it. I actually had it 80% done at one point and realised I'd made it far far too big, and had to redo 50% of it. That was crushing, but in the end it worked out beautifully, if I do say so myself. I've never been prouder of anything I've ever knit.

Neda Modelling Colleen's Sweater

What does one have to do with the other you ask? Well... I knit it in an alpaca blend... Hand wash only with a wool detergent.... The day she ran out of the detergent I'd given her, she used a woolite knockoff, and it felted... She was devasated - she really loved it.

Tonight her husband, also my friend, has asked me to knit her another - it kills him to see her sad. Truthfully, when I first learned she destroyed the sweater, I thought of knitting her another, but I can no longer find the yarn I used in that colour. Also, once a felter always a felter. I know that's harsh, but.... I put SO much of myself into my knitting, I couldn't bare to see another sweater felted! So this is why I'm looking for a superwash merino. At that weight it will be nice and soft. But I can't seem to find anything appropriate! Damnit!

In other knitty news, I've been thinking of knitting hats for my Chris' family for Christmas. I've been thinking a lot about what to do for Christmas presents for everyone lately, in fact. I don't really know his partents all that well, normally I would get them a box of chocolates or sweets, but I know they've been passing off sweet things in their house to Chris, so I figure that wouldn't be too appreciated. I've been knitting myself a hat - a tam! - the past two days (lets not talk about my progress or lackthereof), and there is another hat in the pattern book that, when I looked at it again, made me think of Chirs' dad. So I thought hats!

I figure just about everyone will wear a hat. The one for his dad is a fairle isle in brown tones. I'm not too sure brown will look good on his dad, it would probably look better in blues. For his mom, there is this seed stich hat in the same book. It's a roll rim, flat top hat. The one in the book is pink and has flowers pinned to one side. His mom would not like a pink hat, I know that much. But I have this really pretty blue heather yarn that I think would work very very nicely, for both her and the hat. I hope for her anyway. Trouble is, if I make them both blue hats, isn't that a little too matchy-poo?

Then I thought, if I knit them hats.. what if they open them on Christmas morning and Chris and his brother Robert are there, seeing as they both live in Toronto. I wouldn't want Robert to be left out! I could knit a hat for Robert, I know just what would work. Chocoloate brown, superwash merino, so there was no way he could felt it, done in the Utopia Hat pattern from smariek knits.

Then it occurred to me, if I knit Robert a hat, I must knit something for Chris' brother David, his wife Alice and their new son Callum - only fair. For David, I knew just what would work. The same hat I've knit for other blue eyed, pale men:

James' hat modelled by my bear

Only trouble is I don't have enough left of that yarn to make a hat. I'd have to buy more, assuming I could find it, and it's uber expensive, but you do get a lot, I just don't know if I'd ever use it. I might be able to find a similar slubby yarn that was sold in smaller skiens though. It's definately worth looking for.

For Alice.. I was thinking hunters green and some kind of ear flap hat. I thought it would be fun. She'd like fun. I'd also make sure it was very warm, since they live in Monteral, warm is very important. I don't have a pattern though, and I can't quite see in my mind what I want. So I thought I'd use left over yarn from the hoodie I mentioned above, double knit, in a staghorn and rib pattern, with a folded over brim for added warmth.

For little Callum, I knit him a hat and sweater before he got here, I didn't know if another hat would be....useful. Not that what I thought of is useful, but I thought it might be sweet. I have this teddy bear I bought, oh ages ago, meant to give it as a gift, with a handknit scarf, never did. I thought if I knit a scarf in left over yarn from his swater, in the same cable that's on his sweater, that would be a nice gift.

I've put a lot of thought into all this this evening, as you can tell. I still don't know if it's a good idea. I mean, would it be weird for me to knit for them all? And if I don't, what the heck should I get for his parents?!

Shot down! I should have known, should have seen it coming really. Doh. *sigh* I suppose it's a good thing, saves me a lot of work. I'm still no where closer to figuring out what to get his parents. I guess I just thought if I knit something, it would be you know, more personal and thoughtful. Obviously not. *sigh* I give up. *pout*

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ok, Ok, so Halloween was a couple days ago. I'm a little slow on the posting, what can I say? But I was rather busy prepping for the Halloween party last week. Not like I didn't have free time, it's just I was just way too tired to be posting.

It wasn't my party, what the heck did I have to prepare, you ask? Well, I made dark chocolate fudge, and attempted white fudge. The white fudge didn't set for reasons unbeknown st to me, so I ended up using it as a sauce on top of the dark fudge. Worked out, they tasted amazing together. The walnuts really made them, kept them from being too sweet. I think they ended up looking pretty good too.


I also made some pumpkin cookies, which everyone seems to love. They really are delicious, and the easiest thing to make. Can you tell they are a personal favourite? They are pumpkiny, cinnamony, moist and just yummy. Since there it so much pumpkin in one can, I also made some pumpkin tarts - a first for me! Mom helped me with the cooking times, bless her, as I really wasn't sure how to tell when they were done. They both turned out well. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, though not as much as the can of whipped cream I brought to go with the tarts. Ha. But it was all harmless, most enjoyable, fun.

But I've strayed entirely from what I wanted to post about - the pumpkins! Neda and I made jack-o-lanterns for the party. They really made things look more in the spirit I think.  We ended up doing three. We each did one of our own, and then did the third as a team effort. I was really super happy with mine, he turned out just how I wanted him to!

The Pumpkin Carving Process:

Step ONE: Carving Out the Lid

The Pumpkin bleeds for Our Pleasure
He bleeds for our pleasure. Muah ha ha ha!

Step TWO: Removing the Guts

Me spooning out the guts
Gruesome, n'est pas?

Step THREE: Carving the Face

Neda carving the nose:
Neda carving the nose

Me carving the eyes:
Me carving the eyes

Step FOUR: Enjoy the Final Product

The Trio:
Finished pumpkins

Miscellaneous Cool Pumpkin Shots

Team Pumpkin - Money shot
Thank goodness both Neda and I are perfectionists, otherwise this shot never would have happened. It took a joint effort to get just right. I think it was worth it. I mean, check out the eyebrows!
Team pumpkin - money shot

Through the Pumpkin Shot
This is one of my favourites. Neda took it through her pumpkin. As you can see I was not yet down carving mine at the time.
Me carving - looking through Neda's pumpkin

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Grandpa's Lighthouse

I was meaning to do a pumpkiny entry, and perhaps I will yet.  I did take all the pictures for it afterall.  But I got distracted by the pictures my mom was showing me today.  They included pictures of the lighthouse my Grandpa built.  82 years old and he's making lighthouses from scratch with no instructions, just a memory of what he thinks they should look like.  My goodness is that man handy!

So without futher ado, here is the lighthouse he built.

Grandpa's Lighthouse

I realise on it's own, it doesn't look as impressive as I felt it did when I first saw it.  This is because there is no sense of scale to that image. So there is one with my Aunt Barb and Uncle Doug.  Pa made it for her. They were just packing it into their van when mom snaped the shot, this would be why the light isn't on the top of the lighthouse.

Lighthouse with Family for Scale

As you can see, it's taller than Aunt Barb!  And she's five foot two!  It's huge!  

I'm just so impressed with him.  He made that.  By hand. It looks SO good!  So realistic!  He's crafty my Pa.  Don't mind me while I beam with pride.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yesterday I went for a hike yesterday with Neda. For those who know me well, know just what a surprise that is. I'm terrified of heights, any heights, and I don't do hills, even slight inclines scare the living shit out of me. But it was such a beautiful day yesterday! It was just the perfect afternoon for a hike, so we went.

We decided on someplace mild, as I am still not so good with hills. I am getting better. I am no longer letting my fear rule me. It's still there, and that's ok, I'm learning to work with it, to ignore it, concur it. We went to the Hermatige in Ancaster. The drive out there was gorgeous!! As was the hike. The gently sloping hills are covered in golden leaves. All the trees are full of bright yellow, red and green leaves. It was stunning. We totally should have brought a camera, but of course we both didn't think of that until we were there. doh.

Next time we go we are going to a hike a path near where we were as it has a waterfall. We saw it on the way home. Hence the not knowing exactly where the path leads, or what the waterfall is called. Neda asked, what if it's really hilly, and I said, all bravado, we'd deal with it as it came. It's a beautiful area, and if we got to see a waterfall at the end, I think I could handle a few hills - as long as she isn't in a hurry, which she never is, bless her. That's the thing with me and hills. I need a moment to take in the hill, brave myself for it, and I need to take the hill slow. That's what works for me, a nice slow, controlled decent. It also keeps me from getting too tired or overstraining myself.

There seems to be a lot of rain in the forecast for this week, but I hope we can make it out again soon as the scenery is just so dang stunning right now with the fall leaves. And next time I will remember my camera damnit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tonight's Dinner

Well I'm still sick with the cold that never fracking ends, but at least I think I'm on the upswing, I think anyway. The cold has gone from my head to my chest, yay coughing and scratchy throat (note the sarcasm!).

Anyway, I've decided to feed my cold with yummy fatty/hardy foods. Tonight I made garlic mashed potatoes, pork chops with apples, carmelized onions & mushrooms and an apple cider cream sauce.

Tonight's Dinner

A very white meal, as you can see from the picture. Doesn't look anything like the photo in the recipe book. But it tasted damn good. That's what's important right?

I made way more than I could eat. Half of what's on that plate was still there when I was done. Just in case anyone was worried about my overeating.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Overdue Update

Update your blog! my boyfriend told me this morning as he went through the blogs he follows, finding mine still yet un-updated. You know, I hadn't realised it'd been two weeks. Oops!  So as recompense, a picture-full entry.

First, a foggy Toronto skyline. This was my view waiting for the GO bus earlier this month. I'm a sucker for the fog, what can I say.
Foggy Toronto skyline

Second, my current Work In Progress. Mr Greenjeans from Knitty in a lovely mauve of Debbie Bliss' cotton/angora blend yarn. Wonderfully soft yarn, but messy. I'm hoping blocking and perhaps time will limit it's messy factor, as it curretnly fluffs everywhere.

Here it is, the body half done and fitting delightfully well. I had previously gotten it to this point on the trip to Montreal, but had to frog it as it was just huge. A tent! This is actually the large size! I in no way a large, but somehow it fits?
Mr Greenjeans Sweater

And here is it as of this morning, about 60% done. I'm not 100% sure I will have enough yarn to do full sleeves and the length I want, so I started one sleeve. That's one ball of yarn on that sleeve, so I'm pretty confident I will finish the sleeve with under two balls - a very good thing.
Mr Greenjeans sweater 60% done

Third, my very first Lush purchase! I actually got the King of Mods hair gel and the Body Butter tin free. Over $20 of free stuff is pretty damn cool I think. I even got a little vile of Charity Pot, a new body lotion coming out next week, the proceeds of which will go to a local charity listed on the container. And my Chris was ever so sweet to go with me and be so patient while I meandered around to make my decisions.
Lush buys

Monday, October 1, 2007


Cornish Hen with Apricot Glace
Cornish Hen with Aprioct Glace, Apricot stuffing, and steamed brocolli.
Very yummy. And so easy too! (No, I didn't end up eating the whole bird, I pawned just about half off to my Grandpa for his dinner)

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Drunken(ish) Post

Recap of Melanie's party: Lovely party, for the most part. Lots of lovely pleasant people, strangers and those I know included.

Amanda was darling, and kept wanting me to dance, no matter how many times I told her I didn't know how to dance to what was being played. Somehow I was able to forgive her this as she is just so very sweet.

Heather was a very interesting lady, and stunning to boot. I was pleased to get to chat with her.

Neda spent the majority of the evening in people's laps, starting with mine, which I found highly amusing. She was also very very sweet and did a good job cheering me up near the end.

Jackie has taken over my former role of masseuse. Yay Jackie! Since meeting my Chris I have become a very selfish woman, and am thrilled to have her take over. *grins* But to show her my appreciation later in the evening I gave her a massage. I thought it was only right since she'd been doing for others all night long, and she seemed to enjoy it too, so yay.

Other highlights include:

Quote of the Night: "I don't want no big meat cookie" Funny in context and out. Go Heather. Lovely girl, by the way.

Lesson of the Night: Do not listen to Grant. Whatever he says, don't get comfortable, he doesn't really mean it. Keep Your Distance. *Sigh* Why I had to learn this again I don't know. I guess I'm just learning impaired.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weekend in Montreal

This past weekend I went to Montreal with my darling boyfriend Chris to visit his brother Dave, and his very pregnant sister-in-law Alice (the only two members of his immediate family i've not met). We took the train in on Friday (and home again Monday morning). Six hours of lovely scenery, lots of leg room, and good company. The trees are just starting to turn colour so there were many oranges, reds, and yellows mixed in with a bit of green - it was so beautiful. I love, love, love this time of year!

Alice and Dave are the nicest couple, I must say! They made us feel so welcome. More to the point, they made me feel so welcome!

We went out to dinner Friday night, Chris' treat, and a really good idea as they were both tired from a very busy week. Saturday was a nice relaxing day, well for Alice and myself. I read Harry Potter VII (no, I'm still not finished), and Alice napped for a bit, then we bonded over Buffy. Meanwhile, Chris and Dave finished sanding the railings on the front and back balconies and primed them. Alice, fully pregnant, had done most of the power sanding a few weekends ago! Go Alice! She rocks. They both do actually.

Such a nice geeky couple they are! They met in university through a gaming club, so needless to day they are both gamers. As in role-playing games with like dice and stuff. They also have tons of different board/card games in their dinning room.

Sunday was their baby shower, thrown by their friends. It was the most unconventional baby shower I've ever been to! Very cool. Alice and Dave, and their friends are very modern. I mean, there were MEN at this shower! And none of those stupid shower games with the horrible door prices either. Chris and I helped decorate since they were looking for volunteers. We also ended up doing the dishes (serving platters, coffee mugs, etc) at the end of the day so Alice and Dave wouldn't be stuck with a kitchen full of dirty dishes. This was also an excuse not to have to play cranium with the crowd. I don't like making a fool of myself in public, and Chris just isn't fond of big crowds or board games, I don't think.

Chris and I are a lot alike. We both don't really like big crowds of people. Poor man seemed a little uncomfortable around all those people. I faired better I think. I come from a big family, it's not like I could ever avoid big crowds. I did ok for once with the chit chat with strangers thing (my most social skill I think), and I managed to join in the big round table discussion with all the girls, which was so fun.

We left very early Monday morning. Well, early for us. We were up, awake anyway, uber early. Like before the sun early. When I came back from a bathroom visit at like 3am, I got pulled into a cuddle. I love random nightime cuddles, heck, I love all cuddles. We ended up cuddling and not really sleeping until the sun rose. Wonderful surprise. He's just wonderful really.

Speaking of wonderful, we got hugs from Alice and Dave when we left, well when they left for work, and invitaitons to come back again. They are just so very nice. I really do like them. :D

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