Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ok, Ok, so Halloween was a couple days ago. I'm a little slow on the posting, what can I say? But I was rather busy prepping for the Halloween party last week. Not like I didn't have free time, it's just I was just way too tired to be posting.

It wasn't my party, what the heck did I have to prepare, you ask? Well, I made dark chocolate fudge, and attempted white fudge. The white fudge didn't set for reasons unbeknown st to me, so I ended up using it as a sauce on top of the dark fudge. Worked out, they tasted amazing together. The walnuts really made them, kept them from being too sweet. I think they ended up looking pretty good too.


I also made some pumpkin cookies, which everyone seems to love. They really are delicious, and the easiest thing to make. Can you tell they are a personal favourite? They are pumpkiny, cinnamony, moist and just yummy. Since there it so much pumpkin in one can, I also made some pumpkin tarts - a first for me! Mom helped me with the cooking times, bless her, as I really wasn't sure how to tell when they were done. They both turned out well. Everyone seemed to enjoy them, though not as much as the can of whipped cream I brought to go with the tarts. Ha. But it was all harmless, most enjoyable, fun.

But I've strayed entirely from what I wanted to post about - the pumpkins! Neda and I made jack-o-lanterns for the party. They really made things look more in the spirit I think.  We ended up doing three. We each did one of our own, and then did the third as a team effort. I was really super happy with mine, he turned out just how I wanted him to!

The Pumpkin Carving Process:

Step ONE: Carving Out the Lid

The Pumpkin bleeds for Our Pleasure
He bleeds for our pleasure. Muah ha ha ha!

Step TWO: Removing the Guts

Me spooning out the guts
Gruesome, n'est pas?

Step THREE: Carving the Face

Neda carving the nose:
Neda carving the nose

Me carving the eyes:
Me carving the eyes

Step FOUR: Enjoy the Final Product

The Trio:
Finished pumpkins

Miscellaneous Cool Pumpkin Shots

Team Pumpkin - Money shot
Thank goodness both Neda and I are perfectionists, otherwise this shot never would have happened. It took a joint effort to get just right. I think it was worth it. I mean, check out the eyebrows!
Team pumpkin - money shot

Through the Pumpkin Shot
This is one of my favourites. Neda took it through her pumpkin. As you can see I was not yet down carving mine at the time.
Me carving - looking through Neda's pumpkin

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