Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Mother is the Most Independent Woman I know

About a month ago or so I told my mom(actually my grandmother, but she raised me so she's mom) I was thinking of buying Grandpa a snowblower for Christmas, this was before my unemployment ran out of course. I had figured I'd be able to save up enough for it and still have savings/Christmas/Korea money as, at that point I had about two grand saved. Then everything changed and there was no way for me to afford such a nice gift. *sigh*

Well, today mom, in her usual fashion says to Pa, "Why don't we go out today and get you a snowblower? I've got enough saved up for it, but I'd need you there to pick it out. Do we have enough room in the van to get it in? Is there enough room in your shed? You're getting older you know. And we are supposed to get more snow this winter than we have in 25 years. You'd have a lot of fun with it. I can just see you with it." Go mom. She had a good sales pitch, I tell you what.

I was stunned, and so was Pa! Ha. I'll think about it, he says. Yes you think about it, she said. But I know her, she's made her decision, and she wants to do it today. Well, it's a good time to do it though, we are supposed to get 25-30cm over the weekend!

The other thing is, she managed to save that money on her very fixed income AND had enough to give me some money too. Way more than I thought she would. She didn't have the money to get everyone Christmas gifts this year, what with the new bills she has, so I figured, maybe she would get me a nice pair of pjs. I know her, she's like me, I live here, there's no way she could not get me something. I cried I was so touched. I mean, she said it wasn't much, but to me it's the difference between being scared shitless about not having any money, like money for food and transit, and feeling like I can make it until I find a teller job in Toronto.

It still makes me cry because, she's so damn generous. Have I mentioned she's exactly the kind of woman I want to be when I grow up? She's my hero. Really. I never had a "Daddy" growing up, instead I got his mommy, and boys of boys did I luck out! She's been taking care of me since I was two months old, and she still is. Bless her.

On the jobbery front, I survived my 8.5 hour day, much easier than I thought. I think it was the shoes. Wore my brown hush puppies. They were wet with sweat about 4 hours in though. Ick. At least I wasn't smelling up the joint! Ha. Today I only have 4 hours, which is good, I have Christmasy things to do. Knitting and such. Still don't know what to do for Sabrina's kids. I really can't afford expensive gifts. Heck, I really can't afford gifts period.

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