Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My plan for today was to canvass local retail places and give out my resume, hoping to find something seasonal/part-time. That ended up falling through, and to be honest I'm not upset/worried about it. You see, it's pouring down rain today, has been all day in fact, and will into the night and tomorrow by the looks of it. I'm sick with a cold, so going out in that isn't something I'm looking forward to.

The official reason for the delay however is that I asked Neda to print off my resume for me, as she has a laser printer and I do not. She had technically difficulties and just didn't have time to resolve them before she had to leave for work today. So no resumes. I'll call her this evening; I'm sure we can work it out. I should be all ready to canvas tomorrow, despite the bad weather (and my general foreboding).

Not wanting to do nothing on the job front today I searched the Canada Job Bank for potenial employment. I've applied for ten jobs this morning - online via email. Administrative Assistant and call centre type jobs. Wrote cover letter/emails for them all too, that was the harder/more time consuming part. I did the same thing yesterday, late last night actually, on, only found about 8, and applied online for them. Since it was late and I was tired/lazy I didn't bother with cover letters. Perhaps that was a mistake, but most were call centre gigs and somehow I doubt if they overly care.

I feel I've made a pretty good day's effort. So now I'm going to watch Ep 4 of Bionic Woman ( just love this show!!) and knit(I'm finally working on the collar/trim of Mr. Greenjeans!). I'm also going to try to nurse my cold, of course. I wish I wasn't so sick all the time, it's really getting annoying! More importantly it's really starting to wearing me down damnit.

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