Friday, November 30, 2007

Jobbery Part III

I had an interview this afternoon with the Sales Manager at Upper James Toyota. It went ok I guess. I think I was very... lack-lustre. I just can't tell if he liked me or not. I couldn't/can't get a sense for how he felt at all. He seemed impressed with the work I've done when I I answered his questions about it. He talked and talked to me about sales men and what makes a good one, and what makes sales go well or 'poopy' as he put it. I wasn't really sure why he was telling me everything he did, but I supposed it be damn helpful if I did get the job. When he asked if I had any questions, I really didn't. I couldn't think of anything. Somehow I don't think that looked good. I just felt like.. I wasn't connecting with him. I don't know. I did my best to listen with interest, and respond on the rare occasions it was warranted. The last thing I wanted to do was interrupt, that's just way rude.

At the end of the interview I told him I had a job offer from somewhere else, but I'd really like to know how things were going to pan out with Toyota before I made my decision. I asked what he thought the timeline would be for them to know. He said Ilya, the GM was off for the next few days, moving house, and wouldn't be back until Monday. He would talk to him Monday, and they would get back to me by Monday evening with whether or not they wanted to have me in for a second or third interview.

Just the way he put it when he was answering that question.. And telling me I had to look after myself. That he would fully understand if I took the other job, etc. I dunno. It just really left me with the feeling that he didn't have any intention of having me back in or recommending me to Ilya. *sigh* It just... it seemed like he didn't think I was right for the job. :(

I did get a call from Cotton Ginny, did I mention? While I was interviewing. Doh. I'm an idiot, yes I am. I was offered the job with CG though. I asked if I could get back to her. I didn't get home in time to call her back today though. She left at 4:30pm and I didn't get in until then. So I will have to try and track her down tomorrow. She should be working at Limeridge. I am gonna take the job. I can't not. I can't risk it.

We will see what happens with Toyota. I would love to work for them, I think it would be a great challenge. I think it would be something that would actually allow me to use my brain, very exciting. I think it would pay better too, and possibly be more permanent, also good. But.. I really don't know if they are actually interested. *Sigh* So if by some chance at some point they want to see me again, and want to hire me, then I'll just have to quit CG. Not the greatest way to handle it, but I really need the work right now...

On another note, I wonder if I'll be able to stay in Toronto until Monday morning... I'd like that.. More time with my man.. Yes, I really am that much of a suck.

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