Wednesday, December 12, 2007

First Day, I wish it was my last...

My feet are sooooooooooooooooo sore! They've never been this sore in my entire life! Oh my fucking god. So, so, so, so, so sore. There really aren't words.

And I only worked a 4 hour shift! Friday I have to work eight and a half hours!! I'm not going to make it... I'm just not. I'm in so much pain, and that's only after four hours.

Seriously... I don't think I can do this. I just.. I can't. $32 for four hours? For THIS much pain? It's not fucking worth it. It's just.. it's not damnit.

I want to crawl in a whole and die now.

There were good parts to my day, I did make a few sales, two were over $100 dollars, one was $250-ish even. But I just don't fucking care. I don't even care that I'm starving. I hurt too much to care about anything.

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