Sunday, September 30, 2007

Drunken(ish) Post

Recap of Melanie's party: Lovely party, for the most part. Lots of lovely pleasant people, strangers and those I know included.

Amanda was darling, and kept wanting me to dance, no matter how many times I told her I didn't know how to dance to what was being played. Somehow I was able to forgive her this as she is just so very sweet.

Heather was a very interesting lady, and stunning to boot. I was pleased to get to chat with her.

Neda spent the majority of the evening in people's laps, starting with mine, which I found highly amusing. She was also very very sweet and did a good job cheering me up near the end.

Jackie has taken over my former role of masseuse. Yay Jackie! Since meeting my Chris I have become a very selfish woman, and am thrilled to have her take over. *grins* But to show her my appreciation later in the evening I gave her a massage. I thought it was only right since she'd been doing for others all night long, and she seemed to enjoy it too, so yay.

Other highlights include:

Quote of the Night: "I don't want no big meat cookie" Funny in context and out. Go Heather. Lovely girl, by the way.

Lesson of the Night: Do not listen to Grant. Whatever he says, don't get comfortable, he doesn't really mean it. Keep Your Distance. *Sigh* Why I had to learn this again I don't know. I guess I'm just learning impaired.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weekend in Montreal

This past weekend I went to Montreal with my darling boyfriend Chris to visit his brother Dave, and his very pregnant sister-in-law Alice (the only two members of his immediate family i've not met). We took the train in on Friday (and home again Monday morning). Six hours of lovely scenery, lots of leg room, and good company. The trees are just starting to turn colour so there were many oranges, reds, and yellows mixed in with a bit of green - it was so beautiful. I love, love, love this time of year!

Alice and Dave are the nicest couple, I must say! They made us feel so welcome. More to the point, they made me feel so welcome!

We went out to dinner Friday night, Chris' treat, and a really good idea as they were both tired from a very busy week. Saturday was a nice relaxing day, well for Alice and myself. I read Harry Potter VII (no, I'm still not finished), and Alice napped for a bit, then we bonded over Buffy. Meanwhile, Chris and Dave finished sanding the railings on the front and back balconies and primed them. Alice, fully pregnant, had done most of the power sanding a few weekends ago! Go Alice! She rocks. They both do actually.

Such a nice geeky couple they are! They met in university through a gaming club, so needless to day they are both gamers. As in role-playing games with like dice and stuff. They also have tons of different board/card games in their dinning room.

Sunday was their baby shower, thrown by their friends. It was the most unconventional baby shower I've ever been to! Very cool. Alice and Dave, and their friends are very modern. I mean, there were MEN at this shower! And none of those stupid shower games with the horrible door prices either. Chris and I helped decorate since they were looking for volunteers. We also ended up doing the dishes (serving platters, coffee mugs, etc) at the end of the day so Alice and Dave wouldn't be stuck with a kitchen full of dirty dishes. This was also an excuse not to have to play cranium with the crowd. I don't like making a fool of myself in public, and Chris just isn't fond of big crowds or board games, I don't think.

Chris and I are a lot alike. We both don't really like big crowds of people. Poor man seemed a little uncomfortable around all those people. I faired better I think. I come from a big family, it's not like I could ever avoid big crowds. I did ok for once with the chit chat with strangers thing (my most social skill I think), and I managed to join in the big round table discussion with all the girls, which was so fun.

We left very early Monday morning. Well, early for us. We were up, awake anyway, uber early. Like before the sun early. When I came back from a bathroom visit at like 3am, I got pulled into a cuddle. I love random nightime cuddles, heck, I love all cuddles. We ended up cuddling and not really sleeping until the sun rose. Wonderful surprise. He's just wonderful really.

Speaking of wonderful, we got hugs from Alice and Dave when we left, well when they left for work, and invitaitons to come back again. They are just so very nice. I really do like them. :D

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