Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yesterday I went for a hike yesterday with Neda. For those who know me well, know just what a surprise that is. I'm terrified of heights, any heights, and I don't do hills, even slight inclines scare the living shit out of me. But it was such a beautiful day yesterday! It was just the perfect afternoon for a hike, so we went.

We decided on someplace mild, as I am still not so good with hills. I am getting better. I am no longer letting my fear rule me. It's still there, and that's ok, I'm learning to work with it, to ignore it, concur it. We went to the Hermatige in Ancaster. The drive out there was gorgeous!! As was the hike. The gently sloping hills are covered in golden leaves. All the trees are full of bright yellow, red and green leaves. It was stunning. We totally should have brought a camera, but of course we both didn't think of that until we were there. doh.

Next time we go we are going to a hike a path near where we were as it has a waterfall. We saw it on the way home. Hence the not knowing exactly where the path leads, or what the waterfall is called. Neda asked, what if it's really hilly, and I said, all bravado, we'd deal with it as it came. It's a beautiful area, and if we got to see a waterfall at the end, I think I could handle a few hills - as long as she isn't in a hurry, which she never is, bless her. That's the thing with me and hills. I need a moment to take in the hill, brave myself for it, and I need to take the hill slow. That's what works for me, a nice slow, controlled decent. It also keeps me from getting too tired or overstraining myself.

There seems to be a lot of rain in the forecast for this week, but I hope we can make it out again soon as the scenery is just so dang stunning right now with the fall leaves. And next time I will remember my camera damnit.

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