Sunday, October 14, 2007

Overdue Update

Update your blog! my boyfriend told me this morning as he went through the blogs he follows, finding mine still yet un-updated. You know, I hadn't realised it'd been two weeks. Oops!  So as recompense, a picture-full entry.

First, a foggy Toronto skyline. This was my view waiting for the GO bus earlier this month. I'm a sucker for the fog, what can I say.
Foggy Toronto skyline

Second, my current Work In Progress. Mr Greenjeans from Knitty in a lovely mauve of Debbie Bliss' cotton/angora blend yarn. Wonderfully soft yarn, but messy. I'm hoping blocking and perhaps time will limit it's messy factor, as it curretnly fluffs everywhere.

Here it is, the body half done and fitting delightfully well. I had previously gotten it to this point on the trip to Montreal, but had to frog it as it was just huge. A tent! This is actually the large size! I in no way a large, but somehow it fits?
Mr Greenjeans Sweater

And here is it as of this morning, about 60% done. I'm not 100% sure I will have enough yarn to do full sleeves and the length I want, so I started one sleeve. That's one ball of yarn on that sleeve, so I'm pretty confident I will finish the sleeve with under two balls - a very good thing.
Mr Greenjeans sweater 60% done

Third, my very first Lush purchase! I actually got the King of Mods hair gel and the Body Butter tin free. Over $20 of free stuff is pretty damn cool I think. I even got a little vile of Charity Pot, a new body lotion coming out next week, the proceeds of which will go to a local charity listed on the container. And my Chris was ever so sweet to go with me and be so patient while I meandered around to make my decisions.
Lush buys

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