Thursday, November 22, 2007


So yesterday I emailed my resume off to a few different employers applying for positions I'd found on the Canada Job Bank. As I mentioned below, heck it was the meat of my last entry really.

Last evening I got a call back from Upper James Toyota regarding the position I'd applied for. Within like three hours of submitting it. Wow. He told me the position had changed a little bit, and talked to me about what the position would entail, briefly. He asked me about myself and why I'd applied (I really do need to get better at answering that one!). Then he asked when I could come in to have a talk with him. He suggested tomorrow (double wow), and I suggested 1pm (I figured not too early, not too late).

I ended up being about 20 minutes early, as I wasn't sure how long it would take to get there and it's always better to be early than late. Luckily he was available to see me right away. That was good. Sitting in their waiting area for twenty minutes might have been the death of me. Waiting always makes that kinda thing worse.

I think the interview went pretty well overall. He (the general manager) told me more about what the position would entail and what kind of expectations/goals he had for it. BDC is what I think he called id - Business Development Centre. He wants to create one, and for someone to be the hub. Makes sense. Sounds like and exciting challenge to me.

I did my best to be confident, calm, friendly and professional. Game face all the way. It was easier than I thought it'd be. I sure hope I came off well. I think I did. In any case, I feel I did my best, and that's all I could expect or hope for. So yay me. lol.

Over the next few days he's going to get at least three of his managers to give me a call. He wants their impressions of me, in terms of phone presence and likely generally if they feel I'd be good for the job. They'll be calling anywhere from 9am or 10am (somehow I've forgotten which he said! doh) to 6pm Friday, Saturday and/or Monday. On my cell. So game face on.

GAH. Little worried about that. I'm not too sure what my phone presence is like. Neither is he obviously. Hopefully it's not horrid. I will just have to remember to put my game face on whenever I answer my phone. I wonder if it's a good sign he wants me to talk to them, or if it's a matter of course, or a bad sign?? I think I will endeavor to believe it's just a matter of course. However it goes, I totally need to stay cool.

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