Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Christmas was quite this year, but went well. I got the 23rd and 24th off which meant I actually got to spend some time with my Chris, and I was able to see his parents and give them their gift. I ended up spending Christmas eve with Chris and his youngest bother Robert. I really like Chris' family. His brother is an interesting guy, and I mean that in the best way possible. One thing that truly impressed me, beside his being math geeky enough to know what a Klein Bottle is(omg!!), was that he cooks. And I don't just mean he can make simple things, I mean he can do advanced cooking. I have a feeling he's a much much better cook than I am! His cooking vocabulary far exceeds mine, that's for sure.

As y'all may know, I made cookies and chocolate truffles for Chris' parents - I've been testing recipes for the past two months almost. Chris says his mom was thrilled that I used splenda so everything was diabetic friendly (and therefore safe for her to eat). She was exceptionally glad about the truffles is seems. :D

Yay me. Finally a good gift! I'm been awfully worried about whether or not my gifts would be well recieved this year, but I think they all have been. I mean, I was ever so worried Anne wouldn't like the cookies, but she does! Yay. Mom liked her gift too! She was ever so happy I made her ten dishclothes, and that I found the Elvis CD she loves but gave away, to share that joy. She's sweet like that, but hopefully she won't do it again! I made her copies of the 2 CDs in the set, and told her I could make her more anytime she needed, all she had to do was ask. That also made her very happy, so yay me again!

Chris also loved his gift (no surprise really, I love his gift too, and so does Neda for that matter, ha). I took lots of pictures, just cause, well, I love him, the Nautiliod that is. Though I love my man too. Very very much.

Wrapped Nautiliod
Nautie all wrapped up

Nautie's tenticled face
Nautie's face

Nautiliod with ruler
Nautiliod, with 12 inch ruler for scale

Not only is it cool, it is serving it's purpose very well. Yay me! Ha. I made Chris a Nautiliod draft snake thingy for his balcony door, he gets a wicked draft there. It's now in place and stoping the draft rather well.

Nautie at work

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