Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Knit Obsessed.

Why is it so hard to find something when you know just what you want?! Doh. I guess that's the trouble, I know exactly what I want... Makes it near impossible to find.... I need a DK weight yarn, with a tension of 22 sts/4 inches on 3.75mm needles, that knits to 24 sts/4 inches, in a rich olive green, preferably in a superwash merino.

You see, I knit one of my favourite little ladies this hoodie awhile back. She's teeny tiny so I actally had to totally rework a pattern - it was the hardest thing I've ever done knitting-wise. I used Mariah from knitty.com, only I converted it to a v-neck hoodie. It took me over a year to finish it. I actually had it 80% done at one point and realised I'd made it far far too big, and had to redo 50% of it. That was crushing, but in the end it worked out beautifully, if I do say so myself. I've never been prouder of anything I've ever knit.

Neda Modelling Colleen's Sweater

What does one have to do with the other you ask? Well... I knit it in an alpaca blend... Hand wash only with a wool detergent.... The day she ran out of the detergent I'd given her, she used a woolite knockoff, and it felted... She was devasated - she really loved it.

Tonight her husband, also my friend, has asked me to knit her another - it kills him to see her sad. Truthfully, when I first learned she destroyed the sweater, I thought of knitting her another, but I can no longer find the yarn I used in that colour. Also, once a felter always a felter. I know that's harsh, but.... I put SO much of myself into my knitting, I couldn't bare to see another sweater felted! So this is why I'm looking for a superwash merino. At that weight it will be nice and soft. But I can't seem to find anything appropriate! Damnit!

In other knitty news, I've been thinking of knitting hats for my Chris' family for Christmas. I've been thinking a lot about what to do for Christmas presents for everyone lately, in fact. I don't really know his partents all that well, normally I would get them a box of chocolates or sweets, but I know they've been passing off sweet things in their house to Chris, so I figure that wouldn't be too appreciated. I've been knitting myself a hat - a tam! - the past two days (lets not talk about my progress or lackthereof), and there is another hat in the pattern book that, when I looked at it again, made me think of Chirs' dad. So I thought hats!

I figure just about everyone will wear a hat. The one for his dad is a fairle isle in brown tones. I'm not too sure brown will look good on his dad, it would probably look better in blues. For his mom, there is this seed stich hat in the same book. It's a roll rim, flat top hat. The one in the book is pink and has flowers pinned to one side. His mom would not like a pink hat, I know that much. But I have this really pretty blue heather yarn that I think would work very very nicely, for both her and the hat. I hope for her anyway. Trouble is, if I make them both blue hats, isn't that a little too matchy-poo?

Then I thought, if I knit them hats.. what if they open them on Christmas morning and Chris and his brother Robert are there, seeing as they both live in Toronto. I wouldn't want Robert to be left out! I could knit a hat for Robert, I know just what would work. Chocoloate brown, superwash merino, so there was no way he could felt it, done in the Utopia Hat pattern from smariek knits.

Then it occurred to me, if I knit Robert a hat, I must knit something for Chris' brother David, his wife Alice and their new son Callum - only fair. For David, I knew just what would work. The same hat I've knit for other blue eyed, pale men:

James' hat modelled by my bear

Only trouble is I don't have enough left of that yarn to make a hat. I'd have to buy more, assuming I could find it, and it's uber expensive, but you do get a lot, I just don't know if I'd ever use it. I might be able to find a similar slubby yarn that was sold in smaller skiens though. It's definately worth looking for.

For Alice.. I was thinking hunters green and some kind of ear flap hat. I thought it would be fun. She'd like fun. I'd also make sure it was very warm, since they live in Monteral, warm is very important. I don't have a pattern though, and I can't quite see in my mind what I want. So I thought I'd use left over yarn from the hoodie I mentioned above, double knit, in a staghorn and rib pattern, with a folded over brim for added warmth.

For little Callum, I knit him a hat and sweater before he got here, I didn't know if another hat would be....useful. Not that what I thought of is useful, but I thought it might be sweet. I have this teddy bear I bought, oh ages ago, meant to give it as a gift, with a handknit scarf, never did. I thought if I knit a scarf in left over yarn from his swater, in the same cable that's on his sweater, that would be a nice gift.

I've put a lot of thought into all this this evening, as you can tell. I still don't know if it's a good idea. I mean, would it be weird for me to knit for them all? And if I don't, what the heck should I get for his parents?!

Shot down! I should have known, should have seen it coming really. Doh. *sigh* I suppose it's a good thing, saves me a lot of work. I'm still no where closer to figuring out what to get his parents. I guess I just thought if I knit something, it would be you know, more personal and thoughtful. Obviously not. *sigh* I give up. *pout*

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