Saturday, January 5, 2008

Picture Story

I've been working part time in retail for the past month now. Really rather tiring. When I first started my feet got soooo sore, even after just a 4 hour shift! Now after 8 hours, my feet are sore, but no where near what they were the first few days. Thank the gods. But my point was, even working part time, it seems to suck up so much of my time!

So I have some unfinished business, or should I say finished business? *grins proudly* I finally finished my purple sweater! Ta Da!

me in finished sweater

Well, it's mostly finished. I haven't added buttons, but I've been wearing it with the fabulous broach as you see above and I'm really liking it. I'm thinking of just seaming up the button holes and wearing it as is.

I really do like it, it's so soft and warm but it's linty. oh. my. gods. If I knew the yarn was this linty I wouldn't have bought it! On the other hand, I'm very happy to have this sweater, linty or not. And proud of it too for that matter. I'm just never knitting with angora again. It's soft, warm, and lightweight, but it leaves fluff just everywhere

In the theme of showing off, I also wanted to show off the Banana Bread I made for Chris. This is the first time I've ever made it! I found the recpie online, the picture looked like my moms, and it seemed to have all the right things in it, so I went with it. If I do it again I won't be adding the cininmin, totally unnecessary and a little strange as I don't think it properly compliments the banana. Anyway, check it out! Isn't it pretty?

206_banana bread

banana bread (cut)

It tasted pretty darn good too. You don't even have to take my word for it. Take Chris'. He ate the whole loaf in two days, i.e. two sittings!

On a completely unrelated note: This is what passed as a Christmas tree at our house this year! It's barely 3ft tall and sat on our end table!

Christmas tree

Can you believe it? Mom said it was just too much bother to bring the tree down from the attic, and move all the furniture around and such. *sigh* I really wish she had at least let me do it! I soo missed having a proper tree. Needless to say next year, gods willing, Chris and I are going to have a proper tree. I don't care how much space it takes up. We will make room. I want a proper tree. It's ironic, I'm not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but I so love the trappings of Christmas. I love the tree, the decorations, the candy, the cookies, even the carols. So we are going to have a proper tree. *nods*

On another completely unrelated note: one of the last few times I was at Chris' place, he cleaned out his bottom drawer in his dresser so I could have some space, isn't that just the sweetest thing? Anyway, that was where he kept his sexin' stuff. Somehow we got on the topic of condoms and how they fit. Me not having the right anatomy, and never having taken a close look at any condom, I wanted to know if they were all the same or what. This lead to his being surprised that I'd never played with one. Since I was so curious, he let me open one and play with it. This is the result. LMAO.

me playing with condom

For some strange reason I can't really explain I just love this image.... I think I look pretty good in it, somehow.. aside from the dirigible sized/shaped condom, of course.

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