Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tallship Photos

Last night I was going through the many photos I took during my two visits to see the Tallships at Toronto's Harbourfront. I edited the ones I liked best into 4x6 pictures so I could have them printed - I thought my parents would get a kick out of seeing them. And I mean, what's the point of pictures really if you don't get them printed?

Although there was 60 pictures I thought I'd print when I started editing, there was somehow, only about 30 when I was done. I do not know how this works, I honestly didn't think I was nixing half so many! There were a few though, that I really, really liked. Enough that I wanted to display them around my home. Until I realised we have no where to display them. We don't have any holes in our walls - we aren't allowed, and we have precious little space for putting things as it is. Then I thought about my Pa, and how he just took over my old bedroom, and has lots of space. I also really wanted to print the pictures in the first place because I thought he specifically would like them.

So... I'm thinking of printing three 5x7s, buying in one of those 3-in-1 frames for them, and gifting them to my Pa. I'm not even totally sure he'd like it... I mean, I don't have any photographic talent. I'm not even sure I have an eye for the finished product. But if I get the frame from the dollar store, then I've not expended too much money if he does't like it; I'll only be risking my feelings. Bah, I'm so emo!

Anyway, my real point in all this, is I can't pick 3! Doh. There are 5 that I really quite like. But I think giving him all 5 might be a bit much.






Oddly enough there are only 3 ships represented here, as you can likely tell. Two each are of the Bounty and the Europa. I guess I just really liked the lines of those ships.

I was thinking of having the colour photos on either end of the frame, and picking one of the black and whites to go in the middle. Although I love #1, it's way too close to #3 to work in a 3 picture frame I think. If I did all the B&Ws together, that would look good but I don't think Pa is a B&W fan. So.. it's really down to #2 and #5. I just don't know which I like better/would work better. That is of course unless someone out there has a better idea?? Or should I just nix the whole thing? I feel very......self-conscious about gifting someone photos I took, like my ego is way bigger than it should be. But I really like them, and I think he might like them too. Bah.... Help! Please!

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A Simple Love of Reading said...

Honestly my favorites are the black and white ones...$5 in the middle with #1 and #2 on either side! Just my opinion tho!

Good luck!