Monday, June 14, 2010

Four Months to go, and LOTS to do!

I haven't been on OBT(Offbeat Bride Tribe community site), or even looking at Offbeat Bride for the past few months. I sorta overdosed when I started out, and really just needed a break from everything wedding. Life got in the way as well, as it tends to do. But with fours months until our wedding, and me being an obsessive complusive personality, I've started thinking wedding again.

Thus far we have:
  • Sent Save the Date magnets
  • Bought Wedding invites (though they may need to be changed. o.0)
  • Ceremony venue
  • Humanist officiant
  • Music picked for the ceremony
  • Ceremony wording & vows 99% laid out
  • Reception venue (same as ceremony)
  • Reception table/guest layout
  • Photographer (I love her sooo much!)
  • My dress is being made (I get to try it on for real on the 29th!!)
  • My shoes are bought, though not here yet (impatiently waiting for order to arrive)
  • Suit for groom, and a shirt I hope will work!

What we(I) need to do:
  • Finalize Engagement & Bridal picture locations
  • Book engagement & Bridal sessions
  • Finish groom's outfit - Needs cravat, vest and cuff links (if I can convince him of the first two!)
  • Make wedding jewellery - bracelet and necklace perhaps?
  • Commission talented friend to make headband
  • Finish knitting wedding shawl
  • Finalize Wedding time-line
  • Make How to get there instructions for guests
  • Send out invitations
  • Make Wedding Day Agendas for guests
  • Pick Reception Menu
  • Pick/find reception music
  • Make centre piece vases for flowers
  • Decide on what kind of cakes to make, and whether to do two separate cakes or a two tiered cake
  • Bake the cakes (obviously this won't be done until the week before the wedding)
  • Buy and make the flower arrangements (again, in the days before the wedding)

The more I think about this, the more I have to do! *gulp* And yet, it feels like everything is done, and I should be doing more. Damn WIC is totally getting in my head!

Over the weekend I chose our vows, sussed out our ceremony's wording, finalized the ceremony music, emailed the venue, and ordered shoes. I should say we, though really, I did all the work, and said 'what do you think of this' and he said yes or no. So yeah, I get the credit. Though, my FH is great, he totally gives me credit too. :) Anyway, point being, we're whittling down the list, slowly but surely.

I have to say, I find it really strange, that when I was looking at vows, and trying to come up with my own, what spoke to me the most was the traditional 'to have and hold" vows. Actually, they are what we both think of when we think wedding, so that's what we're going with.

I'm torn on whether or not I want to add to our vows/ceremony an "I love you because" speech. Part of me really wants to share with our families why I love him so much, and what makes him special to me. I think it will have a very personal, humanizing touch to the whole thing as well. But I'm not sure how he feels about that. And I also realize I'm a shy person in general. I hate hate hate speaking in public, and I think I'm be crazy scared on the day of. At the same time... I want to be brave, ya know? I want to stand up in front of the people we love most and say, this is the man for me; I've really thought about it, and I know just what makes him special, and I want you all to know what I see in him. Does that make any sense?? Will that just over-sharing??

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