Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Prep

In preparation for Halloween, I decided to add another coat of red coloured hair spray to my wig - I couldn't find a red wig the right length, so I had to buy a white one in the right cut, and colour it red. Damn annoying process I tell you what! Next time I think I'd just get a red wig and try to do something with the cut.. Live and learn.

I also tried out Chris' makeup. We're going as Lucy (Daughter of the Devil) and Satan. If you've never seen Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, then you need to get your hands on a copy and watch it! So funny. So good.

Anyway, this is Lucy, and her dad, Satan:

As you can see, Satan is red. So I got my man some red face paint. It's theatrical grade, cause that's how I roll. There will also be lots left over. I'm thinking we may need to go as oompaloomas next year, or somethimg. The makeup covers really well, and washes off with just soap and water - thank goodness.

Picture 666 - Testing Satan's Makeup.

I amused myself greatly with it. Look at how red! I glowed in the flash, I've no idea why, I didn't really glow in person, thank the gods. But yeah, way red. And it didn't bug my skin, which is good, so hopefully it won't bother Chris' either.

I can't wait for the Halloween party! It's going to be fun!! :)

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