Thursday, April 14, 2011


So, I've had my first class. It's a tiny group, only 6 students! Which is good and bad I think. Good because I'll be less scared reading something I've written, bad because more exposure to other budding writers can't be a bad thing.

Setting is our first topic. Thinking about what our teacher said has me realising just how BAD I am at setting. So this is good. Hopefully by reading the things she gave us, and hearing what others write, and just plain thinking about it/practicing myself I should hopefully get better. Right?

I haven't started my assignment yet though. I'm totally at a loss as to what setting to write about. We basically have the choice of writing about a place that is familiar to us, as in our childhood bedroom, or home, or writing about some character's childhood bedroom or home, as seen from the point of view of being a grown-up and looking at how the setting has changed/not changed.

I really don't want to write about myself or my own home. It's just... too damn personal. I feel like I'm really putting myself out on a limb just with the whole sharing of my work, sharing my life just...... I don't think I'm brave enough for that.

On the other hand, I'm terrible at setting a scene, so it might be easier for me to write about a place that I'm actually familiar with instead of some place totally fictional.

I just can't seem to decide what to do! *sigh*

I also sort of want to write about Maddie's home because I really want to make the story of her and Alejandro work. I'm not sure if I've 'got something' with it, but I know it's..... a reflection of my own life right now, and part of me feels like if I can't work out a solution for the fictional me, then I'm never going to work out one for myself that I'm happy with either. I want to make it work for her. I want hope. I want to feel hopeful. I want to chase away the fear and defeat. I don't want to be lost and useless, and I don't want Maddie to be either damnit.

But back to the point. Setting... someplace from someone's childhood. I'm just. hrm. I'm not entirely sure. I've got a good bit of time I think. Like all of tomorrow, and part of Sunday and all of Monday. Today what I really want to do is something useful in my own personal life. I need to feel like I'm making headway there before I do this otherwise my attention is going to be...all over the place. So, off to tape off part of the living room for painting! ^_^

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dee said...

if it is too personal to do a really personal setting from your past, why not a more public one? like a schoolroom, or a park you remember. or the local swimming pool or a mall you used to hang out in as a teenager. Or a friend's house. So many options! :)

This course sounds awesome I can't wait to read all about your adventure in it!