Friday, February 4, 2011

Finally Finished Christmas Knitting! HA!

Okay, so I don't have a picture (yet) as my husband wore them to work, but I finally finished his Christmas gift - a pair of thrum mittens!

I didn't have a pattern for thrum mittens specifically so I had to modify a regular mitten pattern. There was some trial and error - especially with the thumbs, but I did it! And they're even symmetrical/the same size! Ha! Hey, it's only my second pair of mittens ever, I'm really please about that part.

I like them so much I'm thinking of making myself a pair! Though, since I don't generally like cold weather, or more accurately my knees really don't. For my part, I've never had a problem with the cold, I'm a fan of layers, warm boots and bundling up, but now that I have FMS and joint troubles, I just can't take the cold like I used to. So, as a result, I'm not sure when I'd actually be out in weather cold enough to need thrum mittens. Plain mittens, sure, so I think I might knit them in the same lovely black yarn, since I've some left over.

But first I'm going to finish the hat I started for me in the same yarn. It got really cold last winter towards the end there, and I actually needed a warmer hat than my favourite go-to grey one. That grey hat, is a marvel! It's not very thick, wool-wise, but it is so warm! I love that hat. But like I said, I need a warmer one for really windy days. Nothing worse than a cold head! Or ears. I get ear aches from the wind.... So I'll have to find the hat, and the pattern, and so I can take that up again. It's been so long I don't even remember which pattern I finally decided on! ha!

Anyway, when I get pictures of the mittens, I'll share. I'm rather proud of them. Mostly because he loves them so. But also because they were a challenge for me, and are so damn cozy and soft and delicious!

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