Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Umaro by Brookland Tweed


This has me totally excited! It looks almost the same off-white/beige colour of the yarn I have! Okay, well I think the yarn I have is more caramel coloured, but I could totally see this working for it.  The pattern/yarn used is very close to what I have I think. Close enough that it would still work.  It looks interesting and yet not too difficult to work.  I want to get started NOW!

But I have other things to finish first. Namely the mittens I promised my husband.  Oops.

Ironically, now that I have the yarn to make myself a sweater - the sweater and yarn I spent a week obsessing over in November, I think it was, possibly December as well - I no longer have a driving urge to knit it.  All I can think about is how FAT I am now, and how I may not have enough yarn to knit a sweater for my current size, and how much I wish I was smaller, yet I do nothing to get there. Bleck. I swear  my brain is broken, just like my useless body.  And so I don't want to make anything for me because it would feel like a waste of time. I hope to get smaller, and yet if I knit for me smaller, I may never get there. Gods, it's just all kinds of depressing.  I guess that's why I've shifted my focus to blankets....

And this one just looks so cozy!  I have a real softness for off-white knits.  They look horrible next to my skin, and really, I'm too sloppy not to get a blanket all stained up, but I just love the richness of them.  They appeal.  I sure hope I can manage to find a way to make the caramel coloured yarn I have turn into something equally appealing.... This I think could do the trick....

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