Monday, December 6, 2010


Okay, so like, I even asked my facebook peeps for help, and no one bothered to have a look.  I feel unloved!!

Anyway, I badgered my husband, and he likes the owls one, since I was leaning that way, I'm going with that. :)  Maybe I'll be able to at least swatch this week. I have a lot I want to get done, so we will see.

I'm planning to bake for both my parents and Chris' parents for xmas. So that means lots and lots of cookies in my future!  Maybe I should have picked up another set of bowls at Canadian Tire when they had them on sale! *sigh*  Though, honestly, I can stop at Honest Ed's like tomorrow or today if I have energy(yes I'm totally dreaming).

Today my goals are to get all the ingredients, which will likely take two trips, and to make it to the bank and get my online banking sorted out.  And maybe, maybe check out Dollarama for Christmas tins since I only have ones for Chris' parents.

I wasn't planning on making my parents cookies, until I realised just how bad my mom's eyes are and how busy they are this month between mom's eye appointments and Pa's.  They both have cateracts.  Mom had surgery on one of her eyes last week. It's still blurry, and she's having a lot of trouble seeing well enough to take pictures, never mind making cookies!  So I want to help out, take some of the pressure off of her, ya know?  So that's my hope. mmhmm.

As a result, need more pretty tins for gifts!  Gods, I really hope I don't go crazy making the... oh, hundreds of cookies I have planned. ha.  We shall see!

If I don't forget, I'll try to take some pictures of all the cookies I'm making, and link to recipes as well. :)  I'm not good at artful pictures though, just fair warning.


dee said...

I'll be honest - I hesitated to answer the sweater question b/c (1) I was sick and not online but also 2) I have looked absolutely dreadful in every sweater that has ever been knitted for me. EVERY one. They look so pretty until I put them on. I *hate* it.

So I'm biased and think scarves & hats are about all I'll ever knit! (plus they're way faster!)and didn't want you to pick one that i suggested and then hate it and/or feel worse about yourself b/c it doesn't look good!

I do like the OWLS one though & wish you the best of luck! :) You man has excellent taste!

Melissa Wood (née Hazelton) said...

Awww, thanks Dee!! I sure hope you feel better soon! Poor woman!! And you have plans for this weekend, yes? I think this weekend, exciting!! Feel better by then!! *hugs*

I've knit Chris and myself sweaters and we look good in them, I think anyway, so I'm not too afraid on that count. I need to get my ass to the gym, if I can just shrink my belly and arms just a little bit (for starters!) I think I'll be so much happier with me and how everything fits. Today I did groceries, my knees just won't allow more... Tomorrow I will attempt the gym! :D