Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here he is in all his knitted glory!!

Purple octupus

I just love him! Love love love him! I really hope I can make many more, but we'll see what actually gets done. I am one tentacle into the next octopus however.

I think the purple one will always be my favourite though, as I love the colours.. But I'm sure I will love my other octupuses just as well, in different ways.

He's not very big, but any bigger and I'd never get them done in time for the wedding, it's iffy at best as it is. I think he's just the right size to be an easy project, and totally cute! :D

Here's a picture to give you the idea of his scale:


Yes, he's sitting on top of the DVD case to Persuasion. I was watching it while I was finishing him.

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