Sunday, August 15, 2010


Went to a pool party at a friend's in Mississauga. Despite the fact that it wasn't super warm, and looked like rain for a good part of the day, the party was very party-ish, with much pool action. Everyone that had one loved my burgers! yay! I even got a gleeful smile over my messy lemon squares! yay! Oh, and Alison brought cherries, and a box of ganache. OMFG, so so so good! I would never have thought cherries and chocolate, as I hate those cherry liqueur chocolates you get at Christmas, but this, this was nothing like that. So so good! mmm!

We got there about the middle of the afternoon, which was probably a good thing for me, otherwise we likely would have had to cab it back to Kipling station - I wouldn't have made it a whole day energy-wise. As it was, I took out towels and had a nap on the lawn around 10pm-ish I think, while 80% of the party attendants were in the pool, screaming, slashing, and generally having a ball. I was so tired the ground felt comfortable! The ground! Me! I woke up I think an hour later to an empty pool, and everyone either changed or drying off, and even a few gone. So weird!

Chris said something to me, during the course of the evening that I just can't get out of my head.... I'm almost thinking he's right. I really shouldn't be around people. Clearly I'm just too much of a prude, am too closed-mouthed, and have more issues than a 747 has baggage(these aren't his words, they're mine). I should be a hermit. *sigh* Why is he marring me??? Sometimes I worry he's making the worst mistake of his life....


dee said...

you shouldn't be around people?!


you're so charming & sweet & funny! seriously - i had a blast on Friday with you there! (even early and you were cool with my running around half dressed & made up! *lol*)
And who had the hilarious idea of violating the pink strawberry toy with the glow in the dark one? Hmm? Hilarity ensued! That was all you my dear.

And you LOVE baking and sharing your baking/cooking with other people. to me that screams "I WANT TO BE SOCIAL & I LOVE BEING WITH PEOPLE".
seriously. I think you like being around people.

Sometimes being at home ill (and/or having to take naps, etc. or having to go home early) will bring on a lot of social anxiety but the only way to get over that is trying to get out more! (or therapy! but depends on the severity right?) :)


you're great around people and you always have a smile on your face and are laughing.
that's what I see anyway!

Melissa Hazelton said...

AWW, thanks Dee!! You are such an incredible sweetheart!! And a wonderful cheerleader! I totally needed to hear that. :)

I think you're very right, anxiety is definitely the culprit. The more I get out, the less anxious I am, but when I haven't been in a situation in awhile, I often end up quite anxious, and my stupid need to please of often just makes it all worse.

Oh! And I totally had a wonderful time at your place Friday too! :) <3