Thursday, August 12, 2010

Humber Arboretum

On Saturday Chris' parents came with us to check out the Humber Arboretum on Humber College Campus. Chris suggested it/knew about it because that's where he went to school. At the back of campus is this...gem!

We walk in past the lovely front entrance full of flowers - I didn't get any good pictures of this area! Doh. Anyway, a mere, what 50 feet in, we see this beautiful vista.
Beautiful vista
I don't know as it's good for photos, but it's just so darn pretty.

A few yards past that we see this fairy-tale-like corner!
Great place for couples shots
Perfect spot for couples photos.

There's a pond in the middle of the groomed area, that looks ungroomed really, and perfectly natural. I snapped the shot as Chris was looking at the pond; it's the best way to get photos of him. :D
Pond!  Great place for family shots, with my Chris
Backdrop for family photos maybe?

In wandering around to one side of the Arboretum we found this rock garden/waterfall section. The sound of babbling water drew me to it; we might not have found it otherwise; it was so well hidden by trees!
Bbeautiful couple/family location
Either family or couple pictures. Or both!

Seriously, how pretty is that!? I totally want pictures there. I mean, how lovely is this?
Chris with the waterfall

Then, just a mere 5 seconds from all that manicured beauty is a wooded path!!
Wooded path
Squeeee!!!!!! I want couple pictures here. WANT.

We took a like 10-15 minute walk down the wooded path and into the trees, it was really pretty! We even came across a deer and her fawns. So cute!

Oh. My. God. Humber Arboretum could not be more perfect for what I want!! Manicured gardens, natural-looking greenery and a wooded path just seconds from it! Yes!! So so excited for this! Squeeee!!!!!

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