Friday, February 5, 2010

Wedding Planning - Ideas

Catching up on my blog reading today, I managed to follow a link to Etsy and found a flying pigs cake topper!! The pigs were not as cute as I'd like, and were totally the wrong colours for our wedding, but the idea! Oh, how I love the idea! Since I was a kid, I've always said to family and friends that I'd never get married, so the flying pigs just seemed utterly perfect to me.

I was planning on just doing some kind of flower but thing for the top of the cake(s) as I am making them, and I want to keep them as low key/low stress as I can manage.

But now that I have this idea in my head... I don't know if I can get it out. It's just too good.

I went looking for cuter pigs, and found this little guy:

How seriously cute is he?! He's 9cm tall. I'm thinking I could pretty easily make some pink felt wings and sew them on his back. Then, ta da! "Cake Toppers" for $30 (or less I'm hoping!). Though they won't go on the cakes - icing and plushies do not mix! They will go by the cakes on the desert table. With the added bonus that we can give them to my man's two little nephews at the end of the day. :)

Another possibility is that I have a friend who makes cakes semi-professionally. I don't want her to make my cake, mostly because I love to bake, but I'm thinking about perhaps asking her (& paying her, of course) to make two (or 4 if I do two cakes) little gum paste flying pigs when the time comes.

It's late here, and I'm kinda sleep deprived at this point, so I'm not entirely sure if this is a brilliant idea or a horrible idea. I'm hoping it's brilliant because right now I'm totally loving the idea of "when pigs fly".

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