Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Sweater Curse

I'm starting to believe in the Sweater Curse.
Now, I don't think Chris and I are in trouble, far from it, but that damn sweater sure is! It's very probable we could break up before the damn thing was done because it's never going to be done! One step forward, two steps back. Literally.


I've never been this frustrated with anything I've ever knit before. I've ripped out the whole sleeve twice, and had to rip back at least five other times on it!! Damn thing. I'm having sooo much trouble with it.

My gauge (in sleeve) is all over the place. The first time I started knitting the stockinette portion I knit it way too tight, I ripped back three inches and tried again. I overcompensated, it was way too loose, so I had to rip back again. Tried for a third time - better, but then the decreases were way off for the new gauge and had to rip back again. Started over, realised my gauge was now way too looose - I was overcompensation. Damnit. Ripped back. Now I'm starting over, for the seventh time with this sleeve.

Never more frustrated! Have I mentioned?? Oh. my. fucking. gods.

I'd take pictures, but I'm too lazy. And disgusted with it all frankly. Damn thing. I just want to get it done now. SO maddening.

It will be lovely when it's done, but right now it's just soooooo maddening.

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