Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Angry Rant

I just got told by some jackass that refusing to do things I KNOW will cuase me pain is the same fucking thing as giving up!

HOW the fuck does that work?!?!?

My goal is to NOT have headaches, doesn't it therefore make PERFECT sense to refuse treatments I know will only cause me more pain and more headaches?!?!

Fucking jackass. I am NOT giving up!! I'm just not going to do something that doesn't fucking make any sense. *growl*

WHAT THE FUCK. How the fuck is that even close to the same thing?!!? Jackass.

I'm in pain, I'm frustrated, I'm trying to find answers that work, I keep bugging my GP to send to me to specialist after specialist.. No one seems to have any kind of helpful answer, so we move on to the next one. Wouldn't giving up be NOT seeing them???

Seriously, who the fuck wouldn't refuse treatment they knew would cause them pain!? I fucking tried it AGAIN even!! I did! I fucking tired it, and you know what? It fucking hurt all over again! Every fucking time I got a fucking headache!

I spent money I don't have on a fucking sinus rinse kit, and I followed the directions properly, and the water actually drained this time (last time at least half stayed in my head), but I STILL got a headache. Every fucking time!! Half the time I didn't even HAVE a headache before I started!!! That's the killer.. Cause I sure as fuck had one when I was done!!!!!!

I went to see the ENT to STOP the fucking headaches NOT to create more for myself!

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me but OBVIOUSLY sinus rinces do NOT work for me!!!!!!!! *Grumble*

Fucking jackass. Who the fuck is he to talk!? He doesn't have a fucking clue.

I am NOT giving up. What the fuck. I am SO pisssed off! I give up enough in my life, I fucking know when I'm giving up, and I am NOT giving up. I refuse to live with this pain. I refuse. And I sure as fuck am not going to create MORE for myself.

Seriously. Who the fuck taught him logic?! Fucking jackass. How fucking dare he!?!

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