Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Why does my boyfriend keep sending me links that he knows are just going to infuriate me and make me want to talk about my issue, and then tell me NOT to talk to him about them?!?!?!?!?!

Fucking annoying! Grrrr!

On a related note, I fucking hate the lying scum bags at Telus and I hope they get they asses handed to them in a burlap sack. (Law suits against the big guys)

I suppose verbal contracts aren't binding anymore. I was told by the Telus associate, that along with other things, I would get free incoming text messages, and pay 15ç per outgoing message, and that during my time with Telus - as long as I never changed plans - my fees would never increase.

Well I'd say going from $0 to 15ç an incoming message sure as fuck is a change in fees!! Bastards.

At least I only have two months left. I'm calling in August to make sure they know to cancel my service on the 26th of September becuase I ain't paying them one red cent more.

Fucking money grubbing bastards.

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