Monday, July 28, 2008


I just felt like I had to share.. It was just one of those moments of such incredible sweetness I needed to tell someone about it. So why not everyone who comes here?

This morning, just before Chris was about to leave for work, he came to say goodbye as he does every morning. Yes, I'm a lazy bones and I sleep in. And he's adorable and always kisses me goodbye. Well this time, he sat down beside me, kinda tucked me in, and told me I looked beautiful. I was drosy, and not quite fully awake, but I think I managed to make a face at him. He expanded saying, "You're normally pretty, but you look beautiful, in a drozy sort of way, but still beautiful." (I think I'm paraphrasing, but that was basically it.)

I just.. I was so overcome. There are no words. My heart melted!

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