Sunday, June 1, 2008

Minor Surgery

After five months of waiting to see the plastic surgeon, I finally had my appointment this last Thursday. He wasn't nearly so horrible as I thought/was worried he would be, so yay! He is very good at what he does though, and really that matters more than having a good bedside manner!

I asked about recovery - it's my biggest worry - and got a 'your milage may vary' kinda answer. Recovery can take anywhere from two weeks to two months. I'm personally hoping it's NOT two months!

It's minor surgery so it's done in his clinic, under local numbing agents, so I'll be awake. I didn't ask how long it would take, never really occured to me to ask actually... I was really only focused on recovery and what to do after. I have an instruction sheet, and they will go over everything with me when I come in for the procedure.

Since I waited five months just to see the man, I asked to book the surgery asap. I didn't want to be waiting another five months! Turns out, for once, asap, really is soon! I have an appointment for 12:45pm on Friday June 13th! That's like, not this Friday, but the one following! Crazy soon!

I won't be getting Chris' sweater finished by then, he knows and is okay with that. I'll finish it when I can. Hopefully my hand will be enough better by the fall that I can knit again!

I had to tell my new manager, on my second shift at work no less, that I had an appointment for surgery much sooner than expected and wasn't sure just how long I would be out of commision. The talk thankfully went so much better than expected! She was relieved in a way. See, she was told to hire extra help, which she did, then she was told her sales weren't good so they cut her hours, now she has people she can't actually give shifts to. One of the other girls will happily take my like one shift a week therefore. She told me to keep her posted and by the time I am ready to come back she will likley have more hours for me. I was really worried about how that talk would go, so relieved it went well!

I am still looking for other work. Better work. Work that can, you know, actually give me hours and such. I'd love a full time job. I keep applying for anything I'm remotely qualified for. Right now though, since finding out about my surgery date, I'm kinda wondering if I should still keep looking.... At least for the next few weeks. Cause like, if even by some miracle someone DID want to hire me, I'm going to soon be in no condition to do any kind of work... I think I will keep looking, but I think until at least a week after surgery - when I will have a better idea (I hope) of my recovery time, I'm going to look, but only apply if it's really something I want.

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