Monday, June 2, 2008

Cake Disaster

I made two really lovely Red Velvet Cakes. Red, moist, rose perfectly. Just wonderful.

Then I TOTALLY fucked up the icing. TOTALLY.

Lesson: I cannot make whipped cream icings. I tried. Honestly I did. But it was SO fucking liquid that the layers of my cake fell off each other - like all the way off - in a most specatualr mess! I suck ass.

I'm sure it also doesn't help that I did a TERRIBLE job cutting the layers. I tried. Honestly I did, but I still fucked it up really really well -- the only thing I've done well with this cake is the fucking it up. When I fuck up I don't go half way, I go ALL the way. Total fucking mess.

So it's now in the freezer with ice pops holding it up. If I had my way it would be in the fucking garbage can. It's a fucking disaster and that is the only place it belongs.

I so so so pissed off at myself. Fucking mees. I can't believe I ruined my cake! This is the last cake I'm going to get to make in a long time, and I TOTALLY fucked it up! It's not a little mistake, it's a TOTAL fucking mess. Like icing all over the freezer mess.

It's taking all my self control not to beat myself about the head repeatedly. *grr*

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