Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cakes! (and cookies too!)

Awhile back I made a Coconut cake. Super sweet, but oh so good. While Chris was laying on the couch in sugar-shock he asked me if I could make a diabetic-friendly version for his mom. Not one to shrink from a challenge, I did some research, and came up with a plan. For Easter I made it.

Angel Food Cake,
Angel food cake - half out of pan

Cut in 2 Layers,
Angel food cake - cut in half

Then Frosted with whip cream/vanilla pudding/coconut extract icing, and coconut.
Angel food cake
Looks good nia?

After a night in the fridge off to Oakville for Easter it went!
Coconut angel food cake-on the way to Oakville

When I told Chris' mom that it was diabetic-friendly her face lit up and she hugged me. She said this was the first time she'd had a whole slice of cake in years! Chris was ever so pleased I could do that for her. He had this... proud thing going on. *beams* Even his brother who confessed he didn't like coconut, said he liked it! It wasn't overpoweringly coconutty. And Robert, Chris' youngest brother who is a foodie said my Angel food cake was just perfect! Yay me! It was my very first Angel food cake after all. Chris and I shared a slice, it really was good! You would never know it was the light version! heh.

That very same day, or I should say night (I do most of my baking at night it seems, nighthawk that I am) I made a 2 layer chocolate cake as well - for Chris and I. I was craving moist, soft chocolate cake something fierce. I still am, or rather am again. heh.

I found the recipe online, really good recipe too! I would share, but I don't seem to have saved the link, dope that I am! At least I still have the paper copy at Chris' place so I can find it again.

Anyway, the two cakes hot out of the oven.
Chocolate cakes

Cooling upside down to flatten them out (and being a shelf while I icinged the bottom layer of the Angel food cake).

I think the next time I make this or any other layered cake that I want to be light and fluffy I will skip this step. They do get flatter, but the also get denser, and I was really looking forward to a light, fluffy, moist cake. Also, refrigerating the cake made it dryer. We eat cake so fast, that after the setting, it really doesn't need to be in the fridge, this too will help it be soft and moist - now that we have a cake dish we can do this! yay. :D

The finished Cake.
Chocolate cake-icing disaster

As you can see I had a little icing disaster. It was my first cream cheese icing. At first it was just way too thick to spread so I added a little bit of liquid, only, I added too much. Doh. And it just poured over the cake. Once it was chilled it was fine, but applying it was a nightmare! At least it tasted great! Next time I am so adding whipped egg whites to lighten it though, it was far heavier than I wanted, and like way too much of a sugar rush for what I was craving, good though. Chris and I couldn't stop eating it!

Cake with a slice out.
Chocolate cake-slice out
Not so bad, considering my trouble!

A slice of cake.
Slice of chocolate cake
Doesn't that look gooooood? I SO want one right now myself!

Last but not least, my last baking endeavor was some oatmeal cookies. I was craving oatmeal cookies, we didn't have any of the extras to add (raisins, nuts, etc) so I made them plain, with a touch of cinnamon for flavour. They were very crunchy, I think next time I will add a little less oatmeal and flour and maybe some milk to keep them moist. They were damn good though! :-D

Simple Oatmeal Cookies.
Oatmeal Cookies

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