Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cocnut Cake!

Coconut Cake

Isn't is just lovely? I'm just so impressed with it myself. I mean, this was the very first time I've ever made a cake! And this is a four layer cake, from scratch! Not only did it look good, it also tasted damn good too. Yay. heehee.

Some process shots:

1) The cut layers
cake in progress
Two coconut cakes, very moist, very dense. I was amazed that I managed to cut them so evently without a guide!

2) The 7-minute icing
7-minute icing
This icing sure was a workout for my arm. If you don't think 7 minutes is long, try holding up a hand mixer and mixing that long, not so easy! It turned out well I think. Though sadly, it didn't stay moist, not sure why.

3) The layers being icinged
cake in progress
(Is icinged even a word? oh well) It sure was hard to tell how thick the layer of icing was! Worked out ok though.

4) Done! (and getting measured)
Measuring the Cake
Chris was so impressed with the coconut cake and it's height, he just had to measure it. 4.5 inches high is pretty dang good for a cake I'd say.

5) Done! (and sititng in Chris' fridge)
Cake in fridge

I am a bit of a nighthawk, and I tend to do almost all my baking at night. By the time the coconut cake was done, it was rather late and we were both tired, so it went into Chris' fridge. We restrianed ourselves and had it for desert after dinner the next day.

Cake with slice out

Slice of Cake

Lovely isn't it? I think it looks a good deal like the orginal. Yay me!

Better than looking good, it really did taste good. Oh so good. Chris and I ate half that cake in 2 days. *blush* This would by why I took it home and have been trying to pawn it off onto family and friends. If I'd left it there I'm sure he would have eaten it. Not that I could blame him! It really is damn good cake.

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