Friday, May 20, 2011

I Act Like A Baby When Sick With A Cold

So I now have my husband's cold. He's mostly better, and I'm feeling like death warmed over. It started yesterday, with a stuffy nose and sore throat. It continues today, and adds congestion headache, wicked sore jaw, more than normal exhaustion, and general malaise. Bleck.

It's kinda ironic to me. Men, stereotypically, act like babies when they are sick, and women are silent warriors that take care of everyone, no matter how sick they are. Maybe it's because I've always been taken care of by a silent warrior woman, or perhaps because I'm chronically ill, but I just don't take having a cold/being sick well. I act like a baby. I never used to. I mean, when I was younger, and didn't like in pain 24/7, I could handle a simple head cold without it knocking me on my ass and me turning into a baby. These days, anything more than what I handle on a daily basis seems to kick my ass. I think in great part because my daily life means I have no energy or tolerance left for more discomfort and pain.

So this weekend my husband is going to take care of me. Which is good. Left to my own devises there are no clean dishes and I'm considering chips and dip or popcorn for lunch. Anything else requires too much energy to make. That and I'm feeling nauseous. I don't want to have to make anything, honestly. I'm not sure I can even handle eating. Damn post nasal drip. That and my head hurts more than I can put into words. If I didn't know it would hurt so much worse, I'd cry.

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