Sunday, October 24, 2010

NaNo Time is almost here!

Once again NaNo is almost upon us, and it's caught me by surprise.  From the first time I heard about it, I've really wanted to do it, but... at the same time... I'm not prolific. I'm not really much of a writer to be honest.  But I wish I were. I'm more of a dreamer.  And man do I dream! I have some of the most fucked up dreams ever. Seriously.  Some of them are like movies. Heck, some of them would make pretty decent action movies! Most of them are just scenes, just bits and pieces. Not whole stories. I do not do whole stories so well.  I lack...... the ability to pull it all together... And yet..... it's really super tempting to try to write a novella length something!

I'm not sure what I'd write though. Everyone seems to have all their ducks in a row by now.  Me, I'm trying to think of something that would go on long enough.  There's the Alejandro story, or the disturbing one about an abusive possibly murderous mom....but I honestly don't know where that could even go.  *Sigh*  I just.. I don't know....

Well, I guess I have a week to think about it... Maybe I'll bug a friend who is doing this for the fifth year to see if I can bounce ideas off of her....

I almost want to start with an idea and keep writing and just see where it goes. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe it won't..... But I just.....  I really want to try.

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