Friday, September 3, 2010

Wedding To Do List Updated!

Awhile back I posted a Wedding To Do list, and while not a lot has changed, I have been making some progress I feel, and wanted to tick things off on my list here. I love ticking things off on lists. It brings me such joy. I just wish I could tick more of these off!

  1. Finish knitting shawl!! --- DONE!! Now I just need to block it. *Sigh*
  2. Make bracelet?
  3. Make cuff links for Chris --- DONE!
  4. Get Shasta to make/buy(?) head band

  5. Find cake pans! -- DONE! Using the ones I have instead
  6. Make test cake(will there be enough time now??) -- No Need. With change in cake pans, and IVORY(!!) food colouring from a friend I'm sure the cake will be fine.
  7. Get Shasta to make cake topper?
  8. Make wedding cake
  9. Do test bouquet & buttonholes -- no need for bouquet really, I'm sure it will be fine, but I need to know if the buttonhole will actually survive a day!
  10. Make wedding bouquet & buttonhole(s)

  11. Chris to write his 'thank you' for wedding program
  12. Finish designing/writing wedding programs -- MY part is DONE!
  13. Make wedding programs
  14. Buy 6x4" cards for guest book -- DONE
  15. Make sign/instructions for guest book -- DONE!
  16. Make container for guest book cards -- attempted, do not like attempt at all. :(
  17. Buy pens?? -- DONE

  18. Taste test menu options
  19. Pick menu for luncheon
  20. Pick wines - get help?

  21. Pick music for reception & make CDs
  22. Pick music for pre-ceremony time & make CD
  23. Get Chris to edit processional song
  24. Make ceremony music CD

  25. Pick & buy wedding bands
  26. Get marriage license! -- DONE!! :D

  27. Apply/pay for picture permit at Humber Arboretum -- DONE
  28. Pick Bridal picture day -- DONE
  29. Apply/pay for for picture permit at Gage Park

  30. Book hotel room with fridge for night before wedding ->ask about late check-out!
  31. Email hotel contact list of questions--room for cake?! -- DONE

  32. Chris to pick reading!!
  33. Send ceremony to officiant for approval!!

  34. Chris to get suit pants hemmed & jacket hemmed, if needed

I finally finished binding off my shawl last night! Squee! Now I have to block it, which means finding room in our tiny apartment to actually lay it out to dry. That's going to be a challenge I'm sure!

I printed the Guest Book cards, which worked better than I'd hoped! I've designed and printed the guest book instruction sign, it only needs now to be framed to be fully done. I'm waiting to get my hot glue gun out to finish that project. Hopefully today! I still need to make the box for the cards, but at least now I have all the materials I'll need. Well, except for glue, I ran out of glue stick working on the Wedding Programs. OMG, so much gluing!

I'm also working on putting together the Wedding Programs. I've cut and folded all the card stock for the covers, I've printed off the cover titles on the 4x6 cards, realised they were so thin you could see the cardstock through them! Then spent more time than I care to really admit, gluing a blank card to each printed card. Thank gods I only need like 40 of these! If it was more I'd go INSANE.

I've made up a list of pre-wedding music, and half finished a list of reception music. I want to get some more... different kinds of instrumentals in there, that Chris is supposed to get for me, so I'm just waiting on that. Then I'll burn the CDs.

I still need to call the Hamilton Parks And Rec people to ask them about permits. I feel it sucks I need a permit for just me and my photographer. And I might end up paying for a permit for two days in a row since we really need good weather to shoot in. Bah.

I still need to make a test cake, and it's truly freaking me out! I don't even have anything to put the damn cake on as of now. I really need a sturdy something to put it on as it's going to be heavy. I'm actually not sure what I'm going to do. I have a 12" square cake board but I'm positive it's not actually going to be sturdy enough to support the cake. It will be fine for the test cake I think, maybe? But I have visions of someone trying to lift the cake using the cake board and the damn thing just cracking and cake going everywhere. What I'd like is a 12" square piece of MDF I could paint and polyurethene - you know, because I don't have enough DIY projects! Maybe I'll call my mom and see if Pa would do that for me, and I'd pay for his materials....I don't mind paying! I just, can't actually get a 12" sq of MDF, nor do I have time to paint it.

Anyway! I've made progress. Real progress, I think. I'm actually at the point where I'm thinking of making a new list as I have other things on the go - crafts for a friend's bday party this weekend, and life crap - that I need it all in one place or I'm going to forget something! And it's likely going to be my taxes, cause, boy, I sure don't look forward to tackling them!

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dee said...

I agree! Checking things off lists = the best feeling in the world! ;)

Sounds like you're getting a bunch of stuff done lady! Sometimes getting everything down on a list (although occasionally panic-inducing) can really help!