Friday, September 10, 2010

One Month Away!!!

One month from now I'll be at our wedding reception enjoying the delicious buffet lunch with my closest family. I'll be married!!! OMG!

There is still SO much to do. It feels like an insane amount of stuff left to do. I made myself another To Do list, and it's two and a half pages long!! Jesus! I'm not sure how I'm going to get it all done, to be honest.

I'm trying to figure out if there is anything I can pass on to Chris to do. Sadly, all I can think of currently is getting him to help me fold and put together the Wedding Programs. Once he finally picks a reading and writes his damn thank you.

I feel like I really have to be on his ass every day just to get him to do the parts he said he wanted to do! I'm terrified to give him anything else to do because I worry it's only going to end up in more work for me having to nag him to actually DO IT. Then I'm sure I'll just get frustrated and worried, and end up doing it all myself anyway. So what's the point, ya know?

I'd get him to help with the music CD burning, but all the music is on my machine, as are the playlists, so really I kinda need to do it. Though I suppose I could get him to babysit it for me while I did other things. Though that's going to have to wait as my beloved MacBook needs repairs and they finally have the part in, so I'm taking it in in the morning. OMG, I'm going to miss my baby sooo badly!

Perhaps I'll get him to book the hotel room. That will take one thing off my plate...

I was going to make myself a bracelet, but I'm kinda scrapping that idea in favor of octopuses. I'm hoping it will be plural anyway. They are fun to knit, and stress free! Right now I totally need some of that. :)

There's actually 7 things on my list that are either for Chris to do or something he can help with! That makes me feel mildly better. Now I just have to try not to drive him crazy pushing him to actually DO THEM.

To be fair, he did spend a good chunk of last night looking at wedding readings, and has a 'short list', so yay! Hopefully by the end of the weekend we will at least have two readings, and that will allow me to do/start other things on my list that are waiting on this.

I have a lot of lists/organizing left to do -- to make sure everything gets done that needs doing, and to make sure we actually take everything with us that we will need. I'm terrified I'm going to forget something! As long as I don't forget the marriage license, the wedding programs with the map to the picture location, and the cake, I think I'll be fine. Oh! And my bouquet and dress. And.. And..

Not thinking about it right now. I will only stress myself out. It will be fine. I'm a wonderful list maker and a very careful packer, it will be just fine.

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