Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wedding Stationery!

I'm in the process of addressing invites for our wedding, and I waned to show off our wedding stationery.

I bought the invite cards, RSVPs and STD magnets from I bought the writing paper through Kurt Hursley's website some time ago, and felt this was the perfect chance to use it. I love his work, and was thrilled to finally be able to use this paper, so cute.

Wedding Stationery

I know the writing paper doesn't match, but I think it all works together regardless. I didn't want matchy-matchy anyway. It's all kinda cute, and it's all very me. So oh well. I love it. I think it's great.

The writing paper has lines on it, and I was able to line it up with the typewriter font I picked really easily!! So awesome, as I was worried it would be a nightmare, but no!

Everything turned out JUST how I wanted it, so I'm super proud. Yay!

I really hope my guests/invitees like them. I tried to at least print everything big enough that it was all easy to read. I know not everyone has my aesthetic, but it's always rewarding when people like your work, ya know? Regardless of whatever comments I get or don't, I'm thrilled with them, and seeing as I picked everything to please me, this is important. Just so very pleased! Go team me! heehee.

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