Monday, July 5, 2010

Tall Ships!

I just realised I never shared my Canada Day adventures! I went with my friend Kat, and a group of her friends to see the Tall Ships at the Harbourfront here in Toronto. So cool! Kat and I went, just the two of us on Saturday too. We were there for five hours Saturday! I'm so incredibly impressed with myself! I mean, I have fibro, is seriously slows me down, and limits what I can do. Sure, I was exhausted when I got home, but I did it! And two days later I'm not bed ridden, though I am still tired. To me, this is awesome.

Anyway, enough talk! Here's the ships! (I have more pictures from Saturday, but I haven't had a chance to edit & upload them yet).

234_Again the (I'm guessing) Netherlands ship.
This was my favourite ship. The Europa, I beleive. It was from the Netherlands, that much I know for sure. Such a beautiful ship!

236_I think this ship is from the Netherlands
I love love love this image. Just what I think a tall ship should be!

231_look-I was really there!
Proof I was there!

The Bounty!

Repairs while in port.

The Bounty's Figurehead, isn't she neat?

The Bounty's wee cannons. Aw.

211_Big Cannon, for Chris
And here's the big cannon on the Niagara. Now that's a cannon!

250--Deck of One of the ships.
On the deck of a little schooner, looking at the other, bigger ships.

Every ship had gang planks you had to walk up. Many had railings as they were just that high or steep. And I walked up (and then back down) every single one! I went up every steep stair case and down every hole into the underbellies(when we were allowed). I am so proud of myself! I'm afraid of heights you see, and a bit claustrophobic. But I did it! I was nervous, but not even that scared! Except for the Bounty, it's gang plank was really steep, that one made me a little scared, but I did it! Heck, I did it twice, cause we went two days! Go me! :D

Anyway, I really enjoyed hanging out with Kat, seeing the ships, and being by the water, it was great. And I'm so very glad I have pictures to show for it! I really need to start taking more pictures. I do like having them. I'm thinking to print some of the ones I took of the ships to bring them home to show my parents, I think they'd get a kick out of them.

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