Monday, June 7, 2010

Wedding Shoe Dilemna

When Chris and I first started talking about our wedding and what we wanted for it, he got me to make a list, since I was the one that had more definite ideas about it. Two of the items on my "I want" list were:
  1. I want to wear a red dress, and
  2. I want to wear red suede running shoes
I'm getting my red dress. I'll have my first real fitting in the actual dress at the end of the month. Gods I hope it fits, I've gained weight since I saw her. GAH. But that's off topic....

The shoes I have yet to get. I spent three hours today scouring the Eaton Centre, and every single shoe store along Queen between Young and Spadina, and found nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

I did find some version of Puma's The Suede but not in red, or my size, so really not helpful. I also found a red and blue suede vans, but again, not in my size. *sigh*

So I could buy these online at the Puma store:

Or I could buy these (from some US site that does ship to Canada):

This is the fabric I bought for my dress:

Red Duponi Silk - Close Up

So like... Which would be the better colour match? Does it even really matter?? They're runners after all. I've seen the Pumas in person on someone, and they aren't as bright as the picture would lead you to believe. Both I'm sure are typical skater shoes and therefore have no support and little to no padding. Not idea for me, but still more comfy than chick shoes I can't even wear my orthodics in.

I don't know what to do... Do I buy online? Do I keep looking?? And where?? At this point I'm all out of ideas. Do I give up on the red suede runners and just what..? Where shoes I already have, or find some kind of girly shoes?? Bah.

Help! Someone help me please!!


Jessica S said...

Hey you! I may have a workable idea for you:

Red suede dance sneakers!

They are a vendor at the Canada Salsa Congress, and I want to get a pair for Rob (when I make him dance)
Ciao chica

Diana said...

also - has a ton of red suede runners/skate shoes! you just have to do a bit of searching! :)

and $10.00 flat rate shipping (yay!)
(ok these ones are red perforated leather but they're high tops! yeah!)
these are like - *running* shoes, so probably better support than skate shoes! :)

Melissa Hazelton said... tempts me, but the duty/tarrifs they charge is crazy. They aren't really Canadian, they are just a US site shipping to Canada. Even with $10 shipping, you still have to add approx $30 to the price to get what you'll really end up paying. It's a big part of why I've been looking local. That and I like trying shoes on!

Thanks for searching for me, both of you, I appreciate it! :)