Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cake Worries

I went out with some girl friends last night. It was lovely. We went shopping, and then to dinner on a patio. Such nice weather for patio eating! I don't think I even got bitten, which is amazing, I always get bit. I guess I have sweet blood?

Anyway, point, one of the many things we talked about, once I finally got the courage to ask them, was my wedding cake. Since I'm making it myself, I have to decide square vs round, two tier vs just two cakes. I'm really undecided. I know square will be SO much easier to cut, but I always see the round ones everywhere, and they are SO pretty! But square can be pretty too, right?

So they said I should give two tiers a try. My one friend, who is, among other things, is very handy in a kitchen said it wasn't that hard, and I could get lots of tips from a mutual friend. There is also, honestly, lots of info on the net. I'm just worried my skills are not up to it.

Which is where I am today. Fretting. I do not ice like a pro. My frosting skills leave much to be desired. So I'm not sure how I'm going to frost them, no matter what I decide. I'm thinking they may be right, and two tiers would be best. But then the questions become, which cake flavour do I make the bigger cake, and what sizes do I make them?? I was just going to make two 9" square cakes. Easy peasy, well, in theory. Now I don't know what to do.

I'm planning on making a Pina Colada cake - Delicate coconut cake layered with crushed pineapple & shredded coconut, frosted with white chocolate buttercream, and a Chocolate Expresso cake - Rich chocolate cake layered with an expresso ganache filling, frosted with cream cheese frosting.

Which should I make the bigger cake??? I'm thinking maybe the chocolate, since that's what I'd want to eat if there were left overs? Also, my mom and at least one of my aunts really liked it, so I know who I can pawn it off on. :)

But what sizes?? I'm only feeding 30 people, but I want to plan to over-feed 30 people. Unlike typical wedding cake, that at least at the weddings I've been to, isn't even easy to find, my cakes will be taking centre stage, and damnit, they will be delicious. I love food. I love cake. I have an unholy passion for good cake. Cripe, I wrote on the invites there will be cake. lol.

I was thinking two 9", so what should I do, one 10" and one 8" square? Is that enough difference between the tiers? Does it need to be 10" and 6"? I don't think that's enough of the second flavour though. 10" and 7" maybe? If I can even find the pans... 12" and 8" seems like it would just be WAY too much cake. Maybe I will just do 10" and 8", and fuck the difference. So I guess I'd have to make the 10" in batches, as only one pan would fit in my little oven at a time. Do I need one of those cake pin thingys to make sure the middle cooks? Do I use cooking strips to keep it flat??

Man, I have like WAY too many questions. =/ And on top of it all, I'm terrified, truly terrified that my cake is going to be worth of CakeWrecks. :( I know it's going to look homemade. I'm okay with that. I just don't want it to look like some kind of sad disaster. :( So so worried!


Lorysa said...

1) Leftover cake is never a bad thing... make it the size you want it to look and send people home with leftovers, bring leftovers to HNIC, use the leftovers for your wedding party afterwards, have some to keep for your first anniversary, etc

2) Make the larger tier the chocolate one - you obviously prefer the chocolate. If you're that worried about having an equal amount of cake, make a 3 tiered cake and the top two tiers can be pina colada to even things out.

3) Decorate with white chocolate shavings - that way it will look super pretty without having to worry about smooth frosting. Just frost each cake and then smother in chocolate shavings.. kind of like this:

or this:

4) Just bake the cakes as you normally would, and either use a cake leveler or invert the cakes when you layer them (so that the 'top' of each cake touches and you've got the flat 'bottoms' at the top and bottom of each layer.. does that make sense?)

Melissa Hazelton said...

Wow, Lorysa, thank you so much! I like the white chocolate swirls! I think I might be able to do that! :)