Monday, March 22, 2010

More Weird Dreams

I did a lot of stuff this weekend, more than I usually do - went out Friday night and thus stayed up late, got up early Saturday, went to the zoo with rambunctious 2 yr old & his parents, went to lunch with them, then to Shasta's in the evening, stayed up late again, and then went to Asy's bday dinner Sunday!

That's a way fuller weekend than I'm used to! No surprise I was exhausted today. I thought I was fine, until I washed Chris' sweater by hand (mostly just soaking & squeezing the water out). When I was done getting the water out, I need to rest for like 15 minutes just to get my heart to stop pounding. I took that as a bad sign and had a nap

While I napped, as you can guess from the title, I had some weird ass dreams.

In my first dream, I was out somewhere in an unfamiliar city, and the pope tried to kidnap me! Yes, the pope, in his popely garb, crazy hat and all! He had a needle, with I'm guessing something to put me out, and he kept grabbing at me, and trying to poke with with said needle! It was really scary! The pope was seriously creepy! And he kept poking me/grabbing me in the ribs and it really really hurt! I hate when dreams hurt like that.

The second dream was way more cool. I was a student at a high school for, like, super heroes. It was President's Day at the school, and so myself and a group of my friends were trying to convince the school council president (who was this really sweet, naive, painfully pretty young man) to stay indoors and let us protect him. You see, our school had a history/tradition that on President's Day, basically the entire student body would try to kill the council president. They'd succeeded many times too! This practice was considered 'good practice for future life' by the school authorities, so it was really up to us to keep our friend alive. He was new there, his first year, he couldn't believe anyone would try to kill him, bless his little heart. So we spent the day trying to keep him indoors, beating up fellow students, and generally saving his ass.

The next thing I remember my group of friends were out and about in the city for the day, having 'escaped' the school grounds (I think it might have been a sanctioned trip). We saw something going down that looks highly suspicious - our spy radar went off - so we investigated. I started following the young blond that looked like she was trying to make a drop off of some kind, and the gang split up to see if we could find her target/figure out what she had. I followed the blond around a street market. Things were.. fishy. I tried to buy some rice from a vendor, and he said he wasn't open for business, even though he had all kinds of food set out. He said I could just have the rice... I got the impression he was doing illegal business, or that he'd poisoned the rice, as the blond had just bought some. I dropped the rice and ran after the blond. I literally bumped into her coming out of a shop - oops!

I was more than a little worried at that point and asked her what she had in her bag, while I was opening it - not a good subtle sky me. o.0 I realied she had some kind of a list. She was even worse at the spy thing than I was, because she started babbling about having to get the list to [the american's possibly? some group I was actually affiliated with]. I said I could get it to them, that they were my superiors, and she said no, the woman who gave it to her said not to trust the ones inside the boarder, she had to get it to the foreign contingency. That someone was coming to get it but she couldn't trust me. I told her the streets weren't safe, she should stay with me, and my friends would find who she needed. I radioed the group, telling them who to look for (the blond told me - I think this is how it went anyway), but when I turned around the blond was gone again.

I ran after her, or where I thought she'd gone, into this tough ass neighbourhood. There was this gang of black men in front of a Jamaican restaurant. This craggy old guy told me I didn't want to go into the restaurant as I tried to pass, thinking the blond might have hid there. The other men laughed/jeered threateningly, and I agreed with the old man. I tried to get out of there, but the old guy pulled me to him with more strength than I thought he'd have. He started to dance with me. At first I fought him, wanting to go, then I went with it, pulling him with me, he went willingly when I was dancing with him. Finally we got far enough away from the gang, that they couldn't just grab me and I made a run for it. One of the gang members started following me, into the open market. I jumped up on a fish counter, and started jumping/running as fast and as far as I could. I could jump about 12 feet in one go, and as I jumped to another counter, I saw the gang member matching me! This is when I thought "wtf, regular people just cannot jump like that. This is not normal... what is going on here." I was also worried that I'd not heard back from my team. This just wasn't good, but I kept running...

As I turned the corner heading towards the market exit, wondering where the hell the blond had got to, I see one of our instructors... possibly the vice-princapal. Pointy, sharp woman, I did not like her. I liked her less to see her here now, with that look on her face. She started yelling at me, saying I'd screwed everything up, and how dare I take matters into my own hands, blah, blah, blah. Apparently we'd interrupted a deal she was trying to make, though she'd found the blond - no thanks to me - and taken the information from her. The blond was standing there looking guilty, and unhappy. I don't think she wanted to make a deal with the evil bitch... I didn't back down, maybe I should have, but she just pushed my buttons. I yelled back, "What kind of fool tries to plan a spy meeting when she knows her students are going to be all over the area and are going to realise in two seconds flat that something shady is going on?? The girl kept looking over her shoulder! The vendors were more than shady, hell, they'd poisoned the food! You of all people should know some of us can smell that even! The 'gang member' was no normal human, and jumped just like me! He blew his own damn cover, not my fault!"

She said she was going to punish me for my rudeness and teach me my place. I told her to do her worst, I didn't give a flying fuck, she's the one that screwed up, not me. She pulled out an electric shaver, like out of her purse! And she shaved the very front/top of my head where my bangs were! The bitch!! Then she said she would expel me, though she didn't have the power to alone, she'd have to get the principal to agree. I was so livid, I just stormed off.

My dream ended with me going back to the school, to see if I was kicked out I think, some time later. I had a shaved head, and cherry red doc martens on. I looked so cute! lol. And then I woke up.

Crazy dreams eh?

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