Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I just had an epiphany!

So, yesterday I bought myself some flowers to cheer myself up. In going to the flower shops - I say shops as there are three in a row on the corner of Avenue Rd & Davenport, I think it is. Anyway, many shops in a row, full of flower basics, wonderful spring flowers, and amazing tropical flowers too. So much to choose from! I had the hardest time picking, I really did! Hell, I came home with more flowers than reasonably fits in my vase.

In going there I realised, or rather remembered, just how much I love flowers. I'm thinking about the wedding, and how flower-free my current plan is. It doesn't sit so well with me anymore. Not after seeing all those beautiful flowers! If I had my choice there would be flowers everywhere!

Frankly, the flowers aren't the expensive part. I can buy oodles of flowers for a fraction of the cost a florist would charge me on avenue road, and I can do them up myself. Hell, part of the fun for me is choosing them myself and arranging them. I love doing that! I should have been a florist. Really.

The expensive part is the extras. The vases for one. OMG are vases ever like ridiculously expensive! Especially if I had to buy 10-20. That alone would double my flower costs. Most flower arrangements involve stand or stone, and ribbon as well. More cost.

I was just doing the dishes, and I had a primavera sauce mason jar to wash. I began to wonder what I should do with them all - I have at least ten now, and every time I get sauce, I get another jar. They are way too nice to just throw out, but I don't really have a use for them. And then it hit me! What if I use them for flowers at the wedding? It would certainly solve my vase issue!

I'm not sure how well it will work though. =/ Our venue is pretty damn shnazy. I think if I went with mason jars I'd have to dress them up at the very least to make them work at all.

Our tables are going to be covered in white linen with a black square thrown on diagonally. So I was thinking maybe black ribbon. I could get a spool for under $5 at FabricLand and that would do for all of them. I was thinking just wrapping the ribbon around the top and tying a bow. But I'm not sure if that will dress them up enough.

Another option would be to do that cool vase corset thing I saw on the Hostess with the Mostess blog.

It would also be a lot of work, and would require me to buy not only fabric, but grommets, and a grommet tool, oh and I'd still need the ribbon. I might be able to get some cheap fabric at MAC FAB if I do it like now as they are moving and selling off as much of their stock as they can currently. But that's very iffy as I have no idea when they are moving or what they have.

I dunno. I really like the idea of having flowers at my wedding. I freaking love flowers. I also do really love the corset vase thing. God that's gorgeous. I could totally do that with the mason jars! But I have no idea if that's actually in our budget. I mean, I don't even have a set budget, but I'm trying to spend as little as I can on just about everything.

For me, my dress, the food, Chris' suit, these were all things I was willing to spend good money on. They mattered. Not everything is supposed to matter damnit.

But I love flowers so very much. How can I have a wedding and have no flowers there other than my bouquet? Me. ReallyM? Flowerless? I'm not sure I'm actually cool with that. I'm worried, that after I go to the flower shops the day before my wedding to get the stuff to make my bouquet and possibly some button-holes, I'm going to be depressed that there just isn't going to be more flowers at the wedding. Maybe I won't care. I'm sure everything will look nice enough, and really, it's about the people not the dressings. But... hrm... I just don't know....

I'm such a spoiled brat! But.. but... I love flowers damnit!

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minxybot said...

I vote for decorating your own vases! The corset vase is awesome... maybe you could combine it with paper and ribbon decorating?



Have a vase decorating party, i'm sure the girls will help. ;)