Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Ring is Finally Done!!!

I got a call today from the Jewellers, my ring was ready, so my FH and I went down, I picked a Tahitian pearl, and Ta Da!

My Ring - Fave Shot

Isn't it pretty? I'm so so thrilled!

It's a Tahitian Pearl with a diamond swirl in 14K white gold. I got it at Crawfords in Toronto. They are so very wonderful! I was able to get my ring custom made, just exactly what I wanted!! :D

My Ring - Right Side Perspective
My Ring - Front Side Perspective

I cannot speak highly enough of the people at Crawfords. Leeanne, was so great! She quoted my ring, called me whenever the next step was ready, and helped me throughout the process. Everyone was so helpful, really. I enjoyed the process so much, from seeing the wax, to the rounds or pearl choosing. Leeanne even said if I find, in a few days I don't love the pearl, they will happily find me another pearl! Isn't that just the nicest thing??

My Ring - From the Top

I really really love my ring though, so I can't imagine wanting to change the pearl. The colour is so amazing! It's greenish and blueish, but bottom has a purplish tint, and it glimmers as I type. Oh my, I love it so!

My Ring - Back Side Perspective

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