Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's on My Needles

I haven't talked about my knitting in forever. It's not because I haven't been knitting, I assure you, I'm just... a terrible blogger.

So, I thought, what better way to get back into it, than talking/showing you all what's on my needles right now.

1. Black Armada Shawl
Black Armada Progress
About 20% done I think. On hold until Spring/Summer - there's SO not enough light to knit anything black this time of year! I'm planning to wear this shawl at my wedding next fall, it will be done in plenty of time, I have no doubt.

Black Armada Progress Shot - Centre Detail
Pretty isn't it?

2. Dishcloth for my Mom
Dishcloth on needles
I'm making my mom dishclothes for Christmas. She just loves the knit ones, and I can't blame her, I like them too. As you can see I've run out of yarn. One of my goals today is to go get another ball so I can finish this one, and get to making more.

3. Habitat Hat for Chris
Chris' Habitat Hat Progress
I've just completed the brim on this hat. I don't have a 5mm circular needle that's small enough to knit this hat on, so it's on hold until I can pick up a 16" circ.

4. Red Shetland Triangle Shawl
Red Shetland Triangle Swatch
I just started a swatch for this last night when I realised I had nothing I could knit and my fingers were going stir crazy. It's on 6mm needles. I'm not sure I like it, it's too loose for what I'm going for. I think I might just try it next on 5mm needles, which is what the yarn calls for, as I'm wanting something very dense. We'll see. I maybe scrap this until Spring, I'm just not sure.


mio said...

I've often wondered if knitting makes for fewer WIPs because you have to store them on the needles. Learning how to knit hasn't reduced my WIP pile, though. ^_-

I think my favourite is the black lace, but you can't argue with how useful a knitted dishcloth is!

Melissa Hazelton said...

Well, for me at least, I know my no. of WIPs has nothing to do with how many needles I have - I actually have multiple needles in the sizes I use most. What stops me from having lots of WIPS I think is my brand of OCD. I often get 'addicted' to a certain pattern, and even if I have other things on the go will knit it exclusively until it's done. Sometimes to the point of having trouble putting it down... Perhaps I'm a monogamous knitter... lol.

I'm glad you like the lace, I'm really loving how it's turning out myself. I think it's going to be the prettiest thing I've ever knit.