Friday, October 2, 2009

Progress! (one step at a time)

We've joined a gym! After my glowing review of the Miles Nadal JCC Chris said he wanted to join as well! Wee! So I booked us an appointment, and we went in to see the nice manager lady. Everyone there is so super friendly. Even reception. I find that pretty freaking amazing.

When Chris does things, he sure does them right. We also bought 3 personal trainer sessions each, so they can help us get started on the road to better fitness. A lady called Chris yesterday to book his first appointment which is orientation, and a fitness check (complimentary session). I hope someone calls me soon too.

This is how much of a goober I am: I'm actually kinda afraid to go to the gym because I've never been to a gym before, don't now the etiquitte, and worse (to me), I have no clue how to work the machines. I'm just. Scared. It's totally irrational, but there it is. Damnit.

Other progress has been made as well. I have a line on a possible wedding location for the date we want. Squee! I really didn't think we'd find anything. All of the other options I'd picked, ironically all in Hamilton area, were booked, but this one is in Toronto was not. Friends of ours had their wedding reception there and could not speak higher of the Hotel, Food, Services, and the lady that manages/organizes it all. Very good praise indeed. Even their guests (the ones I know anyway) spoke very highly of them. Best recommendation I could ask for. I've seen pictures too, and it's very pretty, very elegant inside, without being stuffy. I do like it. I really hope it pans out. I really do want to be married on 10.10.10.

I mean, come on, how cool is that? I'd thought of it before, when I was hoping Chris and I might make it to this point. That 10.10.10 would be a cool day to get married. It would certainly be easy to remember! Mostly I thought being married in 2010 would be great for figuring out when we were married, I'd only have to subract ten. I can do that easy. I'm not very good at subraction, for whatever reason. So yeah. And I wanted October, because I want a fall wedding. I want wedding pictures with the pretty fall leaves in the background. I love fall. It takes my breath away. All the pretty colours. Red, gold, bronze, brown, brightest yellow, darkest rest, they are all stunning. I want that. I want that in my pictures. It will go so well with the red dress.

The only issue with the place I'm hoping to have the wedding, is there is nowhere outside on their grounds for pictures. But we'll live. Chris made the suggestion of going to Humber (Valley?). He went to Humber college, he knows the area. He says there is some pretty wilderness around there, and it's not that far from the Hotel. So yay. I'm hoping that will work out.

I've also kinda fallen in love with a photographer. I found her through facebook ads! Weird. But I went to her website, and looked through her blog of wedding and other pictures. I really like her style. I really enjoy how she captures moments. The pictures aren't stuffy or forced, there is ease and happiness in them. I want that. I'm hoping we can afford her, but her base rate is lower than some of the others I liked a lot less, so I'm hopeful. But honestly, if I really feel like she can get me the pictures I want, then Chris and I will find a way to make it work, I know we will. It's not like I want a lot of her time, 3 hours max. I don't need professional photos of the reception. Besides, I'm having a lunch wedding, it's not going to last all night. What I want is pictures of the two of us and us with our families. That's what matters most to me. We can do that in three hours easy. Even with the ceremony thrown in there.

Once we have the wedding location locked down I think the next big herdle will be finding an officiant. 10.10.10 is a Sunday, so unfortunately we won't be able to get Chris' parents priest to do it. I almost kinda wanted her to. It would have saved me looking for someone for one, but also, I like her. She's bubbly, and full of life and light (which, being a priest, is very suiting). She's also easy going enough that I'm sure she'd be very happy to do a civil ceremony and let us write our own vows (Chris wants to do this, it terrifies me - what to say?!) But she works Sunday, it being a Sunday and all. So we will have to find someone else. Chris I think is going to be more picky here than I am. So I think I might just make him do the looking on this one. I'm not sure I care as much. I just want to get married...

I'm getting more excited about it, and slightly less stressed. I do beleive once we have the location set, and a contract in hands I'll feel better about it all and won't stress half so much. Light at the end of the tunnel. Light at the end of the tunnel. It will work out, whatever happens, because we'll still be together, and really, that's what counts.

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