Friday, April 17, 2009

Jugo Juice Gave me Food poisoning!!!!!!

Yes, that's right, Jugo Juice, at Union Station here in Toronto gave me food poisoning!!!

I am soooooo sick. I want to die!!! Stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea. I can barely keep down water for fuck's sake!!

So sick. So very very sick.

I've emailed the Toronto Health Board through their website, and warned them that I got very sick from eating at Jugo Juice. Vile Unclean place!

I've had their smoothies many times before and never gotten sick, but I've never eaten their food before. This was a first time - and the last!

Also, I know it was them as all the other food I've eaten recently I've shared with family and I'm the only one that's sick, so it HAS to be the Jugo Juice food.

I haven't been this sick in years! My mommy can vouch for me, it's been years and years since I've been so sick I've actually vomited. And boy did I! Last night's dinner made a second appearance around 2 am. Ugh. And now it's all I can do to keep sips of water down! I'm soooo dehydrated I want to cry, but that would be bad as it'd only make it worse. :(

The cramps are so bad, so very very bad. I'm going to lay down now and hope that helps. And dream of drinking a gallon of water! Oh I wish....

So do yourself a favour and avoid Jugo Juice at Union Station!!! I know I will from now on! Which is an utter shame as I love their Powerzone, but I can't ever again give my money to people who have made me THIS fucking sick. 'Cause, omg, am I ever sick!


Anonymous said...

I also got poisoning from their drink at the branch in Eaton center, I'm s**ting water, feeling chills and those darn stomach cramps. I've not been this sick in decade and a half! I'll stick to booster juice

Melissa Wood said...

That totally sucks! I feel your pain, or rather remember it vividly. I hope you feel better soon!!

Alyce said...

I had a vegetable drink veggie sandwich there today and 2 hours later I was sooo sick! I live in Montreal, I will never go back there. Do they wash the vegetables?

Melissa Wood said...

I've seen workers washing the vegetables (I was in the neighbouring line for Subway). But I saw a lady chopping veggies (in gloves) stop to take an order, where she worked the register and took money from the customer, still in the gloves mind you, then went back to chopping, in the SAME damn gloves. Money is dirty. It's changed many hands. It gave me the shivers.

Mike said...

I also got food poisoning from the food at jugo juice in union. I haven't felt this crappy in many years. Same exact symptoms that you had, Melissa. And this is almost 4 years later!