Friday, July 11, 2008

It's My Birthday

So I talked to Neda last night, and feel loads better. Sabrina and I don't always communicate the best, we mean well, but sometimes things don't always come out how we mean them, on both sides.

I was sooo worried my friends were upset with me, but no one is, including Sabrina it seems! So Yay! Angie apparently could talk of nothing else yesterday! Neda's the best. she's aces when it comes to easing worries!

Today has been great. I got woken up by my wonderful boyfriend singing 'happy birthday'. and tonight he brought me home live flowers! They. I think, are Hyacinths, possibly. Pretty in anycase!

Both Sabrina and my mom called to say happy birthday to me, that was really very nice. Brightened up my day. I love my mom... She really is just so good to me. She let me babble at her and everything! lol.

Most things have just gone swimingly today too, which is great. Now I just have to go finish icing my cake for the dinner party tonight. Don't worry, it's at a restaurant -- I'm not about to do that much work on my birthday!

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