Monday, June 9, 2008

What a Day!!!

Being a housewife is hard flipping work!!

Today my Chris has his first day at his new job. So proud. Full time. With Benefits. Doing whatever techie stuff he does. Very good. Very happy for him. Happy for me, cause I'm a little less worried now.... I know he'll take care of me when I can't do it myself. Now I know that he really is able and I'm not putting undo strain on him. Very good thing. I really do hope his day is going a damn sight better than mine!

I have not had a good day. I'm one disaster after another!

Not to mention I've spent $55 on groceries today! Plus $20 on very needed antihistamine pills. I can't get over how expensive things are! $12.11 for 1L of homogenous milk and a tub of Breyers ice cream!! $10.82 for like 10 lbs of potatoes! Nuts. Just nuts.

I spent over an hour trying to figure out what to make for desert today - we have company coming to dinner. I look like shit, but that's the least of my worries at this point. So anyway, figured out what I wanted to make, made a grocery list, off to the grocery store I went.

When I came I started making the desert and deviled eggs, as an appeitizer, ya know? Well I one of my eggs craked as soon as it hit the water! And another cooked really funny. Good thing I made extra! Still not how I would have liked them to turn out though. I didn't know you could fuck up boiling eggs. *shrug* I have enough for them to munch on while I finish making dinner. Though at this point I think I'm going to get Chris to help me! I really just do not trust myself.

For some strange reason I felt a desire to make the desert exactly according to recipe, even though I felt like I had way too much graham cracker mixture, too too much coconut, and just WAY WAY too much sweetened condensed milk. I was trying to make hello dollies, in case you are curious. Did not work out from start to finish.

I put them in the oven, and let them cook, at the 20 minute mark I noticed they were getting too dark on the top for my liking and turned them down.

At this point I started on the potato salad. I had already cooked the potatoes last night, so I got them out of the fridge and started cutting them up. Half of them were dark around the skin, some had black spots. Not good. Especially since I already had to through out half the ones I cut open the night before on account of them being bad. I called my mom for advice. When unsure, ask mom. She suggested I through them all out, including the bag of basically bad potatoes, and go get some good ones, as in buy loose ones so I'd know what I was getting.

Off to the grocery store again. Got potatoes, carried 10 lbs of potatoes home. Heavy! And, I must add potatoes at the fancy shamancy place down the street cost me over $10! Jesus. But at least I know they are all good! I picked every one myself! Very carefully might I add after my last mishap!

I came home again, and took the desert out of the oven to cool (I'd turned it off and left it in the oven when I went for potatoes). I didn't know where else to put it, it still being hot, so I set it on a burner. I put the new potatoes in a pot, and set it to high to get it to start boiling, then finally sat down for a few minutes.

Before long I could smell somthing burning. I knew there wasn't anything on the burner as it was the one I used late last night for the bad potatoes. I rushed into the kitchen knowing just what I'd done - I turned the wrong burner on and I was burning my desert!!!

I turned the burner off and grabbed the tea towel, picked up the desert with it, and looked for somewhere to place it. I didn't want to put it on the only free burner as that was where the hot oven was venting - counter-productive. So I set it on the counter. It just barely touched and I heard a sizzle. Oh fuck I'm burning the counter I think, and set the desert on the burner, the closet easiest place. I look at the counter to make sure it's ok, it is. I step away, to leave the kitchen and BOOM! The glass dish the desert was in EXPLODED sending glass and hot desert flipping everywhere.

I was so so SO lucky! A few seconds earlier and it would have exploded in my hands and landed on my feet burning and cutting me up really badly. So lucky. As it was, I got hit on the shins with a few pieces, but wasn't cut, and was wearing my house shoes, so no worry of walking on all that glass around me. If I wasn't wearing shoes there would have been a 100% chance of me cutting my feet just stepping out of the mess. It went 2 feet around me in all directions. It's taken me almost 2 hours to clean it up!

I called my mommy again. Right after it happened. I was sooooo shaken up. I was actually shaking. I needed someone to tell me this really was a 'best case' in a worse case scenairo. I wasn't hurt. It's just a dish. And desert, damnit. But nothing irreplacable. I'm irreplacable and I was fine.

I cleaned up the mess on the stove first so I could boil the potatoes and set into the very slow long job of cleaning up. I think I've got it all, but I'm still going to get everyone to keep their shoes on in here for the next day or so. Will vaccum again tonight before bed.

It's almost 5 pm. I have the potatoes cooling in the freezer. I really really hope they are cool by 5pm, because I have to make the flipping salad soon. The ingredients need an hour to 'rest' together to blend before I add the mayo! Man this is cutting it short.

I am so tried. I really just want Chris to come home now. I need a hug!

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