Saturday, June 14, 2008


Am currently one-handed. Bandaged. Fighting being helped at every turn. But some things I just can't do. I'm not being gracious about it. I thought I would be more so. I guess I am more independant than I thought.

Chris is, in part, totaly enjoying this - being able to boss me around and thinly disguising it as being helpful. I tease him, and vise versa, but I'm ever so glad he came and stayed the night with me. I needed him for the comfort I did.

My darling man is taking my mac home with him - it needs repairs and the part is now in. Needless to say I won't be online for awhile. They are very quick at the Apple store - 3 days to order in the part, another 2 to install it - but the issue is my man works (yay!) so dunno when it will get back to me..

Behave. Miss me. Don't do anything I would do. ;)


H.D said...

Remember to keep resting that hand. Dont strain it in any way. You always take so good care of others, make sure you let others take care of you.

Dont know what kind of surgery it was, but in any way, YOU REST! :)

Take care, I will do all the deviate things you usually do for you while you get better!

/Doctor H.

Melissa Hazelton said...

Yes, Doctor H, I'm trying my best honest.

Oh, and it was carpal tunnel surgery, on my right wrist. Incision in the palm of my hand...