Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mr. Darcy

I totally dreampt about Mr.Darcy last night. Like a younger Collin Firth as Bridget Jones' Mr. Mark Darcy. I was working on a case... I was either a CSI (lord knows I could never be a cop!), or I was a civilian 'expert' working with the cops. We were looking for this woman. We didn't think she was a killer, but that she knew something about a string of parking structure murders. We needed to find her, and she sure wasn't making it easy for us. We were canvassing the neighbourhood where Mr. Darcy's law office was looking for her or anyone that knew her.

Gods know why, but it was set in good old Hamilton, in late November. Cold and crisp, when all the air smells of is sweet leaves and the coming of winter (the world has been smelling really nasty lately, so I miss winter's clean smell sooooo badly!)

Oh, and I should mention, for once, for once in a very great while, I was actually single and unattached in my dream. Yay to not feeling guilty for having the hots for someone! And I mean.. When it's Mr. Darcy... Come on! What woman could resist really?

Anyway, that's how we met... How it became a social thing, I have no idea. I do know we started out as "friends". He was in a serious relationship with a woman named Marcy - no lie. heh. Why they were still together I don't know. I hadn't known him long when I realised neither of them liked each other very much. All they did was argue. They had nothing in common really. They never actually wanted to spend time with each other, they both of them totally did the avoiding thing..

So I really didn't feel guilty about totally having the hots for Mr. Darcy! heh. And it was very much mutual too. That was the best part. The restained heat... I could feel it every time I was near him. It was intoxicating really. And the slightest touch lit me up like wildfire, it did both of us really. I could see it in the way he looked at me...

Man it was good! Complicated, but good... And fun. That first blush of getting to know someone. Haven't had that in a really long time. The getting nervous to call them, worried how they will react. That awkward moment when you try to find a sublte way to tell them you want to see them, or maybe that's just something I do. lol.

Anyway, it worked out ever to well in my dream! Mr. Darcy was going to teach me Samba! And I do believe we were going to go to the Winter Fair or some such together. I woke up then for a moment, luckily I sank back into my dream..... What a lovely dream! *happy sigh*

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